Who is Felix Rodriguez?

Who is Félix Rodríguez?

The docuseries includes some explosive allegations against the former CIA officer. Amazon’s new docuseries, The Last Narc, includes some explosive allegations against the U.S. government. chief of which center around former CIA officer Félix Rodríguez.

Did the CIA hire Pablo Rodríguez?

However, in his 1996 memoir, former CIA pilot Terry Reed recalls meeting with Rodríguez in the Mexican state of Veracruza in August 1985, LA Weekly reported. He also claims that Rodríguez was hired by the CIA to run a front for weapons in Guadalajara.

Who is James Rodríguez?

Before his retirement from the CIA in 1976, Rodríguez helped capture guerilla leader Che Guevara in Bolivia in 1967, according to LA Weekly. He also published a memoir in 1989, titled Shadow Warrior: The CIA Hero of a Hundred Unknown Battles. “Sometimes I feel a little bit like Ulysses,” Rodríguez wrote in the book, per the National Review.

Where is Pablo Rodríguez now?

Per The Last Narc, Rodríguez denies any dealings with the Guadalajara cartel and is currently living in Miami.