Who is aeromao?

Who is aeromao?

Aeromao Inc. initiated operations in Canada in 2011 after more than 10 years of field experience on mapping service internationally with UAVs and Remotely Piloted Aerial Vehicles (RPAVs), well before other manufacturers. We continued to operate our UAVs for surveying and research purposes since then in harsh conditions and remote places.

Why choose aeromao for maritime operations?

Aeromao is proud of offering the only Amphibious fixed wing drone specially designed for maritime operations for both monitoring and mapping tasks that has been already used in BVLOS operations in several countries. Need to implement drones in your organization?

Why choose aeromao for drone services?

Aeromao also provides training & operational support, payload customizations & strategic consultation, service and maintenance, so that customers can focus in the data acquisition and their applications with a future-proof UAV fleet that’s always backed and supported. We also provide end to end drone mapping services worldwide.

What is an aeromapper?

We manufacture the Aeromapper series of turnkey fixed wing unmanned aerial vehicles destined for mapping, remote sensing, surveying, scouting and inspection applications. The Aeromappers are currently operating in more than 50 countries by many clients including government institutions, private companies, universities and research organizations.