Who are MJ5?

Who are MJ5?

MJ5’s Instagram and other details. The group consists of five members namely Himanshu Gola, Rohit Singh, Vishnu Kumar and Dennis Anthony and R Kartik and was formed in 2013. The auditioned for India’s Dancing Superstar and also won the show which shot them to fame.

Is team Shraey Khanna and MJ5 same?

And in an attempt to give their song a fresh look, the makers of Rambo 2 have brought down popular choreographer Shraey Khanna of MJ 5, who recently composed a song with actors Sharan and Ashika Ranganath. Superstar. But later, Shraey split from MJ5 and formed his own group.

Who won +6 dance?

The winner of Dance Plus Season 6 is Sneha, Tejas and Harsh. They lifted Dance Plus trophy 🏆 and received Rs. 15 lacs as the winning prize money.

Who won Dance Plus 4?

Chetan SalunkheDance Plus / Winner

Who is dance 6 winner?