Who are Kempsey Councillors?

Who are Kempsey Councillors?

Leo Hauville has been elected Kempsey Shire’s new mayor. After the distribution of preferences, the councillors for Kempsey Shire are Simon Fergusson, Joshua Freeman, Craigie V, Alexandra Wyatt, Liz Campbell, Kerri Riddington, Anthony Patterson and Arthur Bain.

Who is Kempsey mayor?

Mayor Leo Hauville He was elected to Council in 2016.

What is the population of Kempsey NSW?

It is roughly 430 kilometres north of Sydney. As of June 2018 Kempsey had a population of 15,309 (2018)….Kempsey, New South Wales.

Kempsey New South Wales
Population 15,309 (2018)
Established 1836
Postcode(s) 2440
Elevation 2.3 m (8 ft)

How safe is Kempsey?

Unfortunately Kempsey has also major problems with indigenous crime and releases from the local correctional centre. It is unsafe and not a good place to bring up a family. Tourists are robbed at the local hotspots and bashings are frequent.

Is Kempsey open?

Kempsey Road is open to local traffic and emergency services ONLY. Due to the instability of the road and risk to motorists, a 4.3 Tonne load limit will be applied. Please drive to conditions and exercise caution when driving the road.

What council is Kempsey under?

Kempsey Shire Council
Kempsey Shire Council is located in the suburb of West Kempsey, the council of Kempsey and the federal electorate of Cowper.

Does it flood in Kempsey?

NO FURTHER FLOODING AT KEMPSEY River levels along the Macleay River have now fallen below the minor flood level at all forecast sites.

Who founded Kempsey?

In 1836, Kempsey’s first European settler, Enoch William Rudder, surveyed the area to establish a town. He named it Kempsey because the countryside reminded him of Kempsey in Worcestershire, England. There are more than 100 sites of heritage significance listed in the Kempsey Local Environmental Plan 2013.

Is Kempsey a rural town?

Kempsey is a significant rural centre which, being nearly halfway between Sydney and the Queensland border, is a popular stopping point for people making the journey north along the Pacific Highway.

What is Kempsey known for?

The bustling centre of the Macleay Valley Coast, Kempsey is set on the banks of the wide Macleay River. Surrounded by farmland and national parks, and just a short drive from beautiful beaches, this historic country town is home to colonial architecture, tasty restaurants and interesting boutiques.

Is Kempsey road sealed?

The road between Kempsey nsw and Armidale nsw is a road that is over 100 years old and link between two major NSW regional towns. The road is the last link from the coast to the tablelands not sealed so it needs constant grading by both Kempsey and Armidale councils to keep it safe for all users.

Is Kempsey to Armidale Road open?

Kempsey Road has reopened to the public. The road is not suitable for RV’s, caravans and trailers and the 15 tonne load limit remains in place. The Kempsey-Armidale Road is an important corridor, which links Armidale and the coast.