Who are Beethoven and Vivaldi Why does Staples whistle their music?

Who are Beethoven and Vivaldi Why does Staples whistle their music?

Why does Staples whistle their music? Beethoven and Vivaldi are the more popular classical composers. Staples believe that everybody would not expect a mugger to be bright enough to be whistling “bright, sunny selections from Vivaldi’s Four Seasons”. 4.

In what ways does Staples acknowledge that the victim’s response is not unwarranted?

➔Staples acknowledges that the victim’s response is not unwarranted because he sees that women are obviously the ones that are more likely to get harassed. But an explanation that he gives her is that she does not have the right to state her point of view on someone on the bases of ideas of standard.

How is the complication and paradox of these situations expressed by the last sentence about Staples?

The complication and paradox of these situation is expressed by Staples saying that by him whistling classical music in the streets at night, people would not think of him as a mugger. He compares his whistling to the cowbell that hikers wear when they know they are in bear country to show that he is not dangerous.

Is Brent Staples African American?

Brent Staples (born 1951) is an American author and editorial writer for The New York Times. His books include An American Love Story and Parallel Time: Growing up In Black and White, He writes about political, social and cultural issues, including race and the state of the American school system.

Where did Brent Staples grow?


Why does Staples walk the streets at night?

Staples walks the streets at night because he has trouble sleeping. He walks everywhere in an effort to tire himself out. 4. Staples suggests that in our society, men are supposed to be powerful and have the ability to intimidate.

Why does Staples whistle melodies from classical composers?

(JWB) Staples cites the example of “melodies from Beethoven and Vivaldi and the more popular classical composers” to allude to music with which his audience is likely to be familiar. (LBJ) The audience of this letter is clergy, American citizens, and the world.

When was just walk on by published?


What are the usual connotations of the word survivor?

A survivor is someone who hasn’t died: the word is used often about people who have been through a horrible experience, like a plane crash. Cancer survivors and Holocaust survivors have one thing in common: they lived through horrible ordeals and are still with us.

What is a survivor?

The definition of a survivor is a person who copes with a bad situation or affliction and who gets through, or a person who manages to live through a situation that often causes death. A person who copes well with a family tragedy and remains strong is an example of a survivor.

Why does Staples characterize the woman he encounters in paragraph 1 as a victim?

Staples characterize the woman he encounters in paragraph 1 as a victim due to the fact the as she glimpses around behind her on a deserted street, a figure of a “youngish black man – a broad six feet two inches with a bread and billowing hair, both hands shoved into the pocketsof a bulky military jacket,” as Staple …

Where did Brent Staples go to college?

The University of Chicago

What is Brent Staples thesis?

Staples proves his thesis through detail description of incident in his life. He describes about an encounter with a white young women, who he said was his ‘victim’. The female increased her speed suddenly disappeared after seeing Staples walking behind her as if he is going to kill her or harm her in some way.

Why colleges shower their students with A’s?

Some departments shower students with A’s to fill poorly attended courses that might otherwise be canceled. Professors at every level inflate to escape negative evaluations by students, whose opinions now figure in tenure and promotion decisions.

What is Staples thesis does the state it or imply it?

What is Staple’s thesis? Does he state it or imply it? a. His thesis is that African American men are automatically prejudged to be threatening and are therefore avoided in the streets.

What is the purpose of this essay do you think Staples believes that he?

I think that Brent Staples purpose of this essay is to inform those who don’t actually consider or think about how black men are treated. Staples believes that he (or other African American men) will not cease to “alter public space in ugly ways” in the near future.

What is Staples argument in just walk on by?

The purpose is to explain how african americans like Staples go through stereotypes when people have nothing to be afraid of. In the text he mentions how he is a journalist and how harmless really he is. “I grew up one of the good boys, had perhaps a half-dozen fistfights.

What is the impact of the opening sentence my first victim?

The first sentence causes suspense and apprehension in the book. This creates a strong impact on the reader and makes him feel curious throughout the story that will follow from that sentence.

What does staples mean when he says he has the power to alter public space 2 )?

He is referring to the way that, as a black man, he is often perceived as a threat. Because of the biases many hold, consciously or not, against black men, his presence in a space can incite fear or defensiveness in those present.

How does Staples attempt to make himself less threatening?

Staples attempts to make himself less threatening by moving with care, giving people more space, and whistling relaxing tunes while he walks places. He pays attention to how closely he is to people, makes it apparent that he is not following them, and is generally very cautious.

What examples does staples provide to illustrate?

Some examples that Staples provides to illustrate “the language of fear” is when people cross the street when they see him walking, how cab drivers, policeman, etc. treat them poorly, and how individuals lock their doors when he walks by their car.

What does staples mean by unwieldy inheritance?

According to the context the “unwieldy inheritance” seems to be “the ability to alter public space in ugly ways”. (It was in the echo of that terrified woman’s footfalls that I first began to know the unwieldy inheritance I’d come into–the ability to alter public space in ugly ways.