Which show features the song Dance 10 Looks 3?

Which show features the song Dance 10 Looks 3?

There are of course tremendous songs including “I Can Do That” (the terrific Trevor Michael Schmidt), “The Music and the Mirror” (the talented Emily Tyra), “Nothing”(the superb Samantha Marisol Gershman), and “Dance: Ten, Looks: Three (the marvelous Adena Ershow).

Who gets cut in a chorus line?

She dances the ballet combination too big and even crosses in front of Sheila at one point. Tricia is traditionally the only cut dancer with a vocal solo in “I Hope I Get It.” (This may or may not be the case in our production).

What is the plot of a chorus line?

Hundreds of hopefuls congregate at a cattle call for Broadway dancers. A sour director, Zach (Michael Douglas), and his brusque assistant (Terrence Mann) whittle down the ranks until they’re left with 16 dancers. All tell their life stories — some tragic, some comic — and explain their love of dance. Tension mounts when Cassie (Alyson Reed) — once both a big star and the director’s lover but now desperate for a part — auditions. But Zach must choose only the best for his show.A Chorus Line / Film synopsis

What does Judy sing in a chorus line?

Judy’s number during “I Hope I Get It” is 23, although she forgets it initially. Throughout much of the show she comes off as nervous and scatterbrained, though not as much as Kristine.

Is chorus line a true story?

The musical — conceived, choreographed and directed by the late Michael Bennett — told the true stories of professional dancers. Each tale was based on interviews between Bennett and his friends, many of whom (including Lee) portrayed their own lives in the original Broadway production.

Why is A Chorus Line important?

A Chorus Line provides a glimpse into the personalities of the performers and the choreographer as they describe the events that have shaped their lives and their decisions to become dancers.

How old is Cassie in A Chorus Line?

In the original script Zach reveals her age as 32, which would make her born in 1943 at the time of the play’s premiere. Her costume is a cranberry red leotard with wrap skirt and white heeled shoes.

What is a chorus dancer?

A chorus line is a large group of dancers who together perform synchronized routines, usually in musical theatre. Chorus line dancers in Broadway musicals and revues have been referred to by slang terms such as ponies, gypsies and twirlies.

What is Zach looking for in A Chorus Line?

Zach tells them he is looking for a strong 8-member dancing chorus of four boys and four girls. Wanting to learn more about them, he asks the dancers to introduce themselves.

Did Bob Fosse do A Chorus Line?

Bob Fosse and Gwen Verdon’s daughter Nicole Fosse is in the Chorus Line film as the tone-deaf Kristine. 37. Bob Avian, who co-choreographed the original production of A Chorus Line, returned to direct a 2006 Broadway revival of the show, with Bennett’s original choreography re-staged by Baayork Lee.

What’s a chorus in a song?

Chorus. The chorus is the big payoff and climax of the song. It’s also where the verse and pre-chorus have been reduced to a simple repeated sentiment. For example, in the song “Let it Be” by the Beatles, it is the part where the words “let it be” are repeated over and over.