Which shell does Ansible use?

Which shell does Ansible use?

By default, the shell module uses the /bin/sh shell to execute commands, but it’s possible to use other shells such as /bin/bash by passing the executable argument.

Can Ansible run Shell script?

Though Ansible Shell module can be used to execute Shell scripts. Ansible has a dedicated module named Script which can be used to copy the Shell script from the control machine to the remote server and to execute. Based on your requirement you can use either Script or Shell module to execute your scripts.

What is Ansible builtin shell?

shell – Execute shell commands on targets. Note. This module is part of ansible-core and included in all Ansible installations. In most cases, you can use the short module name shell even without specifying the collections: keyword.

What is the difference between shell and command in Ansible?

The shell module executes commands in nodes or Shell scripts. Another dedicated Ansible module is Script that transfers the Shell script from the control machine to the remote server and executes it. In the command module, the given command executes on all selected nodes.

How do I run an Ansible bash Script?

Let’s get started

  1. On Host1: Create file crunchify-script.sh under folder /opt/ashah/
  2. On Host2: Create folder /opt/ashah/
  3. Copy crunchify-script.sh file from Host1 to Host2 under folder /opt/ashah/
  4. Execute file crunchify-script.sh on remote host using ansible-playbook command.
  5. Get command line complete result back.

How do I run an Ansible remote Script?

Copy the script collect_info.sh to all the hosts.

  1. Run the shell script ( collect_info.sh ) , against the hosts mentioned in host file.
  2. Script will be run as root user.
  3. The output file of the script ( will be like collect*txt) need to be copied to local host.

How do I edit Ansible vault file?

Editing Encrypted Files When you need to edit an encrypted file, use the ansible-vault edit command: ansible-vault edit vault. yml.

Why is shell script better than Ansible?

Ansible can perform the function of not only setting up your systems, but also testing them for correctness. By contrast, a shell script can be very dangerous to run more than once unless you’re extremely careful and know exactly what every line does.

What is the primary difference between the shell and command module?

The Shell and Command modules are very similar, the major difference being that the shell module does not escape commands, allowing you to use shell operators like redirects (“greater than”, “less than”), pipe (“|”) and boolean operators (“&&”, “||”).

How do you run a Shell script on a remote server using Ansible?

How do I run an Ansible bash script?