Which of the following is most characteristic of the Cold War?

Which of the following is most characteristic of the Cold War?

Which of the following is most characteristic of the Cold War? The growth of nuclear arsenals in the US & Soviet Union.

How were the Hollywood 10 affected by the accusations?

How were the Hollywood Ten effected by the accusations? Were put in jail and put on the black list ending their carriers. You just studied 35 terms!

Why was the crucible written quizlet?

Miller wrote the play because he felt the liberals, who were well-known for eagerly expressing discerning opinions, had been silenced by the fear of accusal. Miller believed the ability to declare that someone or something is wrong without being concerned for one’s safety is essential.

Why do you think that it is important to read the Crucible What can we learn from this play today?

One of the most important reasons why The Crucible should be part of the curriculum is because of its historical context. Very few of the books read for class are based on historical events. Reading about these events is important because students can learn from mistakes made in the past and know better for the future.

Why did I write The Crucible?

Why Arthur Miller Wrote “The Crucible” During the tense era of McCarthyism, celebrated playwright Arthur Miller was inspired to write a drama reflecting the mass cultural and political hysteria produced when the U.S. government sought to suppress Communism and radical leftist activity in America.

Who named the Hollywood blacklist?

Regardless of their motives, these informants had placed some 320 names on the Blacklist by the time the Red Scare finally died down in the late 1950s. Some of the most prolific included The Hollywood Reporter’s founder Billy Wilkerson and the Academy Award-winning director Elia Kazan.

What are 3 themes in the crucible?

The Crucible Themes

  • Theme #1. Reputation. Reputation is one of the major themes in the play, The Crucible.
  • Theme #2. Hysteria.
  • Theme #3. Power and Authority.
  • Theme #4. Guilt.
  • Theme #5. Portrayal of Women.
  • Theme #6. Deception.
  • Theme #7. Goodness.
  • Theme #8. Judgment.

What is Miller’s purpose in writing The Crucible?

Miller simply wanted to convey the message of fear over reason, express himself in a new language of old English, to warn of mass hysteria, and most importantly compare his life in the 1950’s to the irrational trial in 1692.

What happened to the Hollywood Ten quizlet?

A group of 10 Americans that were investigated for possible communist beliefs or threats. The Hollywood Ten were a part of the American Film Industry and were sentenced to 6 – 12 months in prison. Accused of being a spy for the soviets in the 1930’s plot to put communists inside the government.

What does HUAC stand for *?

House Un-American Activities Committee

Who named names to HUAC?

In 1987, over lunch with the blacklisted director Martin Ritt, Karl Malden professed surprise that Ritt could not find it in himself to forgive Malden’s old friend and mentor, Elia Kazan. Sure, Kazan had named names before the House Un-American Activities Committee (HUAC), but that was more than 30 years in the past.

What is the meaning of The Crucible?

1 : a vessel of a very refractory (see refractory entry 1 sense 3) material (such as porcelain) used for melting and calcining a substance that requires a high degree of heat. 2 : a severe test He’s ready to face the crucible of the Olympics.

What is the lesson of the crucible?

The play was originally written as a direct criticism of McCarthyism, the practice of making accusations without proper regard for evidence. Therefore, the main idea of the play is to encourage people to remain calm during crisis situations and to not jump to the worst conclusions.

What is the deeper meaning of the crucible?

The Crucible is an allegory comparing Salem’s Witch Trials to McCarthyism. Miller did this intentionally to show the similarities between the two. During the Red Scare, there was a hunt for communists and spies in the United States.

What is the symbolic meaning of the crucible?

A crucible is a piece of laboratory equipment used to melt metal because it can withstand high temperatures. In this play the crucible symbolizes the heat of hysteria that takes over Salem during the witch trials. Allegorically, the United States also became a crucible for citizens during the Red Scare. …

What was the HUAC quizlet?

HUAC. The House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) was an investigating committee which investigated what it considered un-American propaganda. Specifically commmunist influence inside and outside the US gov. after WWII.

How are the Salem witch trials and the Red Scare similar?

Salem Witch Trails & Red Scare Both The Salem Witch Trails & The Red Scare struck fear into everyone’s lives. Both were based on the perception that the community was being attacked by a secret enemy. Both took many lives and jobs and was a set back for the community.

How is Arthur Miller like Proctor?

In The Crucible, Miller wrote about a character named John Proctor who is very similar to Miller himself. Both the author and the character had to overturn the same personal paralyzing guilt, not speaking out soon enough.

How did Hollywood exemplify the growing red scare?

How did Hollywood exemplify the growing “red scare”? People started to call each other communists so it created many issues in Hollywood. What was so “baffling” for America about the Cold War? It was becoming an important part of American Culture.

Why do actors get blacklisted?

While there is no official Hollywood “blacklist” per se, there are a number of people whose careers seemed to fall off a cliff, and not because of a lack of talent. A public freak out, being difficult to work with, or being racist and/or homophobic are just some of the many reasons why people can be blacklisted.

Is the crucible appropriate for high school?

The Crucible is extremely appropriate for use in the high school or college classroom. It is not difficult to read; it has an exciting plot; the characters and their relationships are intriguing; its themes are timely; and it allows students the opportunity to respond in terms of their own experiences.

What did Whittaker Chambers accuse Alger Hiss of?

Accusation of espionage. On August 3, 1948, Whittaker Chambers, a former Communist Party member, appeared before the House Committee on Un-American Activities (HUAC) to denounce Alger Hiss. Espionage was treason, traditionally punishable by death.

What blacklisted today?

Blacklisting is the action of a group or authority, compiling a blacklist (or black list) of people, countries or other entities to be avoided or distrusted as being deemed unacceptable to those making the list. As a verb, blacklist can mean to put an individual or entity on such a list.

Why should the crucible not be taught in schools?

McCarthy was right, The Crucible shouldn’t be taught in schools, Alabama congressional candidate Beason says. The Crucible as a metaphor for McCarthy’s communist witch hunts is not merely an inference by academics. The playwright said explicitly that is what the play is about.

What is ironic about Hollywood making a movie about the Crucible?

The most ironic thing about the play being made into a movie is that Hollywood was actually opposed to the point that Miller was making back in the 1950s. The play was written during the McCarthy Era as a protest against the anti-communist “witch hunts” that were going on.

Do the accusations seem to have been fair explain?

The Hollywood Ten: Do the accusations seem to have been fair? No, they were only accused because it seemed like they had communist ideas.

Who were the Hollywood 10 and what happened to them?

Hollywood Ten, in U.S. history, 10 motion-picture producers, directors, and screenwriters who appeared before the House Un-American Activities Committee in October 1947, refused to answer questions regarding their possible communist affiliations, and, after spending time in prison for contempt of Congress, were mostly …

Why do you think this comparison to the Salem witch trials is made?

This is similar to the Salem witch trials because when women were accused of being a witch, neither accepting or denying being a witch prevented them from being killed. I think they made this comparison because McCarthyism was derived from the fear that other people were communists.

Why is the crucible important today?

The Crucible continues to be relevant and sorely needed in the 21st century because it reflects society back onto its audience, regardless of which country or community is staging the play.

What did it mean to be blacklisted during the Red Scare?

The blacklist involved the practice of denying employment to entertainment industry professionals believed to be or to have been Communists or sympathizers. Not just actors, but screenwriters, directors, musicians, and other American entertainment professionals were barred from work by the studios.