Which Montana spray paint is best?

Which Montana spray paint is best?

Montana GOLD is the premium, high quality, low pressure aerosol paint for all artistic, creative or general DIY projects. With a unique and extensive color range the Nitro Acrylic paint base offers extremely high coverage and color vibrancy with the flexibility to combine mediums with other materials.

Is Montana a good spray paint?

Montana Spray Cans. MontanaCans offers tools not only for the creative minds but also for professionals, especially since all ingredients are of highest quality. The famous Montana GOLD is known and appreciated for it’s wide color range excellent for fine art or mural painting.

What is the difference between Montana and MTN?

Montana Colors is the gold standard. As a global brand Montana Colors has evolved to support street artists and muralists worldwide because MTN Colors products makes their work easier and better.

Where is Montana spray paint from?

MONTANA-CANS – Highest Quality Spray Paint made in Germany.

Is Montana black water based?

Spray it on canvas, glass, wood, metal, EPS foam, and more. Montana Colors Water Based is water-resistant when dry and has a matte finish. Use this versatile, fast-dryin…

Is Montana spray paint waterproof?

Montana Gold Spray Paint dries without cracking or bleaching on canvas, wood, concrete, metal, glass and flexible surfaces, and is lightfast and fully weatherproof.

Whats the difference between Montana Black and Montana Gold?

The main thing that sets Montana Gold apart from Black is its low-pressure. This provides extra accuracy and total control when working on fine details. The caps on Montana Gold cans have a spray width of 0.4cm up to 25cm (depending on the user), a smaller range than that of Montana Black.

Whats the difference between Montana Gold and 94?

The other main differences between the MTN Hardcore and the MTN 94 are in overall finish and color range. The MTN Hardcore spray paint finishes with a nice, lustering gloss effect whereas the MTN 94 line has a matte finish that is much more muted.

Who owns Montana paint?

Jordi Rubio
The life philosophy of Jordi Rubio: an entrepreneur who dared to start company, unafraid of what could happen. If one day its success ends, he wouldn’t see it as a tragedy. “I didn’t create Montana to get rich. I did it because the project was worthwhile.”

Is Montana spray paint oil based?

Montana GOLD is a solvent based, nitro-acrylic paint. The solvents evaporate rapidly once applied leaving an acrylic paint layer behind once dry. What is Low Pressure?