Which metro station is haunted in Delhi?

Which metro station is haunted in Delhi?

Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station
Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station, Delhi NCR Scary, it is! It is believed that in 2004, a schoolgirl was killed in a cab and since then the spirit is seen running behind the cars.

Is Agrasen Ki Baoli is haunted place?

It is sad to see misinformation being spread with a great amount of confidence without even considering the after-effects. I have visited the place five times now, but every visit has made me more confident that the claims of the baoli being haunted are false.

What is the story behind Agrasen ki Baoli?

Although there are no known historical records to prove who built the stepwell, it is believed that it was originally built by the legendary king Agrasen, and the present architecture hints at it being rebuilt in the 14th century during the Tughlag or Lodi period of the Delhi Sultanate.

What is the mystery of Agrasen ki Baoli?

The screeching of bats and noises of pigeon only adds to its mystery. Before the place lost its shine, the Baoli was filled with black water which would which would call out to people strangely and ask them to sacrifice their lives. In fact it is believed that the water mesmerizes people for jumping into it.

Can we visit Agrasen ki Baoli at night?

Agrasen Ki Baoli opening times & prices The Baoli is open every day, including Sundays, from 9 am to 5:30 pm. So, unfortunately, you cannot visit at night time to go ghost hunting.

What is the story of Sanjay Van?

Sanjay Van is a sprawling city forest area near Vasant Kunj and Mehrauli in Delhi, India. It is spread over an area of 443 acres. It is one of the most thickly wooded areas of the city’s green lungs….

Sanjay Van
State Delhi
• Total 317 ha (783 acres)
Time zone UTC+5:30 (IST)

What happened in Agrasen ki Baoli?

Suicidal Black Water The water inside the well of Agrasen Ki Baoli is said to hypnotise people and allure them to commit suicide. It is said that the well had black water, which mysteriously killed people. We do not know how far these stories are true, but the well is almost dry these days.