Which is the best brand of clothes in Pakistan?

Which is the best brand of clothes in Pakistan?

  1. Zellbury: Zellbury is for the most part at the top of the list because it’s the most dependable and utmost affordable clothing brand in Pakistan.
  2. Limelight:
  3. Khaadi:
  4. Generation:
  5. Zeen:
  6. Orient:
  7. Sana Safinaz:
  8. Beechtree:

Which clothes are made in Pakistan?

10 International Brands That Sell Clothes Made In Pakistan

  • Adidas. Could you have guessed that even Adidas makes its products in Pakistan?
  • Artistic Denim. The brand has a target market in France, and in New York, they produce their denim in Pakistani factories.
  • Wilsons.
  • Interloop.
  • Zara.
  • H & M.
  • Next.
  • Mango.

Why is Faisalabad popular?

The reason Faisalabad is called Manchester of Pakistan because it’s the biggest textile city of Pakistan and all the industries here related to textiles and same is Manchester in UK so these cities are also named as Twin cities. After Lahore, Faisalabad is famous for its food.

What should I wear to Pakistan?

Take loose long pants and some full-sleeved shirts and t-shirts for comfortable traveling. Full-sleeved clothes are ideal protection against sun burn during the day and mosquito bites at night. light wool is a good choice to wear against your skin as it naturally helps to regulate your body temperature.

Which is the best fashion brand in Pakistan?

Bareeze Lawn. Bareeze is one of leading fashion brand in Pakistan. Bareeze Lawn Collection has been entered into the market in the outlets along with its gorgeous style. As the fashion changes the women excitedly waits for the upcoming collection.

What is the best brand of clothing for minors in Pakistan?

Minnie minors have always been a specialty kids brand. They’ve perfected the art of making clothing for Pakistani children and have been in the market since 1998! This makes them one of the first ones in Pakistan to cater to kids’ clothing.

Is Shariq textiles worth fashion in Pakistan?

Shariq textiles are yet another brand with an amazing name in the lawn industry who actually worth fashion in Pakistan. They provide designers wear to magnificent lawn dresses. A lot of famous brands are working under Shariq textiles banner and also providing the best fabric with an amazing quality not to ruin its name.

Which is the most popular textile industry in Pakistan?

It is one of the most favorite textile industries of Pakistan. The fashion line of Shariq Textile Fabrics by the name of Nadia Hussain for many reasons is on the decisive position. It has the most amazing lawn designs and styles for women of all the ages.