Which is more hydrated Li+ or Cs+?

Which is more hydrated Li+ or Cs+?

Answer: Explanation: Because smaller ions are more hydrated due to their more intense electric field they tend to have larger hydrated radii than larger ions. However, very small ions such as Be2+ have lower hydration numbers because they are too small for more than 4 water molecules to pack around them.

Which is most strongly hydrated Li Na+ K+ Rb+?

Li+ ions are more readily hydrated than k+ ions.

What is hydrated ionic radii?

Answer: Hydrated radius is defined as the radius of ion and closely bound water molecules. The ions with bigger size and low charge hold water molecules less tightly and thus have a smaller atomic radius.

Which is the most hydrated alkali metal?

Of all alkali metals, Li+ is thin, has a high density of charge and is thus the highest hydration energy of all alkali metals.

Which element has highest hydration energy?

Be2+ ion has small size and high charge. Hence, it has high polarizing power and can attract several water molecules. Thus it has highest hydration energy among the given ions.

Which of the following is the correct order of hydrated radii 1 Li +< Na +< K +< Rb+ Cs+ 2 Rb +< Na +< li +< Cs+ k+ 3 Cs +< Rb +< K +< Na+ Li+?

Correct option 1 Li+ > Na+ > K+ > Rb+ > Cs+ Explanation:Li⊕ having minimum radius so maximum hydration and maximum hydration radii.

Which of the following has largest ionic radii?

Hence, Cs+ ion will be the largest among given IA group ions, i.e., Na+,Li+ and K+.

Which of the following ion have highest ionic radii in water?


What is the correct order of hydrated radii of alkali metal ions?

The ionic radii of alkali metal ions in water (hydrated radii) are in the order – A Lit > Nat > K+ > Rb+ Na+ (aq.) >

Which alkali metal ion has highest hydration enthalpy?

Which of the ions has maximum hydration energy?