Which IIT is best in India?

Which IIT is best in India?

IIT Madras
List of Top IITs in India

Name of the Institute NIRF Ranking NIRF Score
IIT Madras 1 89.93
IIT Delhi 2 88.08
IIT Bombay 3 85.08
IIT Kanpur 4 82.18

Which is the No 1 IIT college?

As per the NIRF ranking 2021, IIT Madras is the top IIT in India.

What are the top 5 IIT in India?

Top 10 IIT in India Based on NIRF Ranking

  • IIT Madras- 1.
  • IIT Delhi- 2.
  • IIT Bombay- 3.
  • IIT Kanpur- 4.
  • IIT Kharagpur- 5.
  • IIT Roorkee- 6.
  • IIT Guwahati- 7.
  • IIT Hyderabad- 8.

Which branch is best in IIT?

IIT Branches:

Branch College Rankings
Computer Science IIT Kharagpur
Electrical Engineering IIT Kanpur
IIT Bombay
IIT Delhi

What is minimum rank for IIT?

Answer. Hey Aspirant! So, for getting good IIT Institute via Jee Advanced your score must be around 200 or 210. And the minimum marks around 150-160 (General) to get any branch in any IIT Institute because there are only around 11,000 seats are available in all the IITs.

Which is best IIT or NIT?

When it comes to the quality of education provided IITs are ahead of the NITs. Both IITs and NITs are extremely good in providing education and producing good engineers, but at the same time the top IIT colleges have an edge because of their high standard of studies.

Is 10000 a good rank in JEE Mains?

To get 10,000 rank you need to score a percentile of 98.8-99. Only at this percentile you’ll be able to get a rank of 10,000 or below. To get this percentile you need to score marks more than atleast 168-170. Scoring more than these would help you get rank below 10,000.