Where is the Antiques Roadshow in 2021?

Where is the Antiques Roadshow in 2021?

The show, which remains the public broadcaster’s highest rated ongoing series, will visit five locations – Middletown, CT, Bretton Woods, NH, Long Island, NY, Williamsburg, VA and Hamilton, NJ – between August and October. This marks the 26th season of the show, which is produced by GBH.

What cities will ANTIQUES ROADSHOW visit in 2022?

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW’s 2022 Tour Events

  • TUESDAY, MAY 10 — Cheekwood Estate & Gardens | Nashville, TN.
  • TUESDAY, MAY 31 — Idaho Botanical Garden | Boise, ID.
  • TUESDAY, JUNE 14 — Santa Fe’s Museum Hill | Santa Fe, NM.
  • WEDNESDAY, JUNE 22 — Filoli | Woodside, CA.
  • TUESDAY, JULY 12 — Shelburne Museum | Shelburne, VT.

What channel is ANTIQUES ROADSHOW on tonight?

PBSAntiques Roadshow / Network
Antiques Roadshow | Tonight at 9/8C: Atlanta Hr 1 | Season 16 | Episode 13 | PBS.

Do experts get paid on ANTIQUES ROADSHOW?

There is no indication as to whether the expert gets a cut of this, although it is unlikely. Instead, the professionals are likely to make their money from a regular salary each time they appear on the show.

Is ANTIQUES ROADSHOW on tonight at 8?

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW’s 2021 filming schedule*: ANTIQUES ROADSHOW, produced by GBH, airs Mondays at 8/7C PM and is the most-watched ongoing PBS series.

When can I watch Antique Roadshow?

There’s 24 seasons of the US version of Antiques Roadshow to binge on, and they’re all available to stream via the PBS Online player. What’s more, new episodes from season 25 are landing on PBS every Monday at 8pm ET/PT.

Why did Mark Wahlberg leave Antiques Roadshow?

In 2006, he joined the long-running PBS series, Antiques Roadshow. He role was greatly reduced and he left the show. The Game Plane, the first game show which is shot on an airplane in flight, debuted on Discovery Family channel in 2014.

What was the most expensive item ever appraised on Antiques Roadshow?

The most expensive item ever valued on Antiques Roadshow is a rare Faberge flower, which was estimated to be worth £1 million in 2017. The remarkable antique has a diamond centre and is made with gold, silver, rock crystal, and enamel – the timeless object even came with the original presentation box.

What is the TV schedule for Antiques Roadshow in 2021?

ANTIQUES ROADSHOW’s 2021 TV Schedule November1 8/7C PMBody of Work (#2523) | WATCH NOW »New 9/8C PMTreasures On the Move (#1935) | WATCH NOW »

Where does Antiques Roadshow get its funding?

Corporate Sponsorship Funding for ANTIQUES ROADSHOW is provided by Ancestry, Consumer Cellular, and American Cruise Lines. Additional funding is provided by public television viewers.

What is TV 8?

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