Where is Rahul Yadav now?

Where is Rahul Yadav now?

He is now the chief technology officer with property consultants Anarock and insists that his current roles, both professional and personal, have brought him far more stability. In an exclusive interview, he tells Forbes India about his journey from a precocious IIT dropout to a tech professional. Edited excerpts: Q.

Where is Rahul Yadav of housing?

MUMBAI: Rahul Yadav, co-founder and former CEO of Housing.com, has now joined Indian real estate industry stalwart Anuj Puri’s newly launched venture ANAROCK Property Consultants as Chief Product & Technology Officer.

What happened to housing com founder?

According to Forbes India, Housing.com sold eight million dollars’ worth of real estate in its first week. In June 2015, Rahul was fired by the company board citing “his behaviour towards investors, ecosystem and the media”.

What happened housing com?

PropTiger buys up troubled rival Housing.com in consolidation of India’s top real estate startups. The saga of Housing.com, once a red-hot tech startup in India, has reached a conclusion of sorts after the company was sold to rival PropTiger in a deal announced this week.

Who is owner of Khatabook?

Dhanesh Kumar – Co-Founder – Khatabook | LinkedIn.

How many sub castes are there in Yadav?

All Yadav sub castes descent from the Yadu lineage, these include the Ahirs in the North and West India; The Ghosh or the “Goalas” and “Sadgopa” or Gauda in Bengal and Orissa; Dhangar in Maharashtra; Yadav and Kurubas in Andhra Pradesh and Karnataka and dayan and Konar in Tamil Nadu.

How does housing com make money?

Housing.com earns revenues from advertisements placed by developers, brokers and home owners. It also generates revenues by providing marketing tools to builders like 3D Visualization and Augmented Reality.

Is housing com a MNC?

The company has 6,000 brokers and serves 40 cities in India including Chennai, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Kolkata and Delhi….Housing.com.

Type of business E-commerce, Real Estate, Classifieds
Area served India
Founder(s) Rahul Yadav
CEO Dhruv Agarwal
Industry Real estate

Who acquired housing com?

Australia-based real estate advertising company REA Technologies has acquired a majority stake through a binding agreement in Singapore-based proptech company Elara Technologies which holds controlling stakes in real estate startups Housing.com, Makaan and PropTiger.

Who is Dhanesh Kumar?

Co-Founder & Chief Technology Officer, KhataBook Dhanesh Kumar, who worked as a software developer with Amazon, also worked at Knit Messaging and JetSynthesys and co-founded Kyte. Previously, he was a software developer at CourseBrew and Wegilant Net Solution.

What is Khatabook payment?

Khatabook helps us send payment reminders to our customers without bothering them.