Where is no going back filmed?

Where is no going back filmed?

No Return is set at a sunny resort in Turkey, a popular destination with British holidaymakers. But, they chose to film it in Spain instead due to the complicated rules around Covid restrictions. “The area of Spain we have chosen looks like Turkey anyway,” writer Danny Brocklehurst explains.

What year was no going back filmed?

No going back (TV Series 2002– ) – IMDb.

How many episodes are in season 2 of back?


Series Episodes
1 6
2 6

Which hotel was used in No Return?

The hotel resort in No Return Most of the outside hotel resort scenes were filmed at a Spanish resort called Nerja, as well as in and around Benalmadena. This is where lots of the swimming pools and holiday areas were shot. However, the inside of the hotel was filmed at what was a BHS store in Bolton.

How many parts is No Return?

No Return is a thrilling new four-part series from ITV. The show is written by Royal Television Society award-winning screenwriter, Danny Brocklehurst – the man behind TV shows including Brassic and Harlan Coben’s The Stranger.

How many episodes is No Return on ITV?

four episodes
No Return started on ITV on Monday 7 February, kicking off at 9.00pm and lasting for an hour. There are four episodes of the series in total, with each one airing at the same time on place on Monday evenings.

How many episodes of the return are there?

Return (TV series)

Original language Korean
No. of episodes 34
Executive producer SBS Drama Operation Team

Will there be a season 3 of back?

There’s no word yet on whether Back has been renewed for a third series, but we expect Channel 4 to come to a decision in the near future. The second series was confirmed a mere month after the first concluded, so if the broadcaster sticks to a similar timeframe we should know the fate of Back before too long.

How many episodes of back are there?

12Back / Number of episodes

Is No Return based on a true story?

No Return is not a true story, but it is based on events which happened to the executive producer Danny Brocklehurst. “Inevitably in any creative work some things are a little bit closer to your heart than others,” he said.

Is No Return a true story?

No return is NOT based on a true story. The series was created by writer Danny Brocklehurst, who has confirmed that while the very simplest elements of No Return were inspired by a friend who experienced some legal trouble on an international holiday, much of it is invented.

How many episodes is No Return?

How many episodes of No Return are there? ITV drama No Return consists of four episodes. The final episode is set to air on Monday, 28th February on ITV at 9pm.