Where is moheshkhali?

Where is moheshkhali?

Cox’s Bazar District
Moheshkhali Island is the main island of Moheshkhali Upazila, in the Cox’s Bazar District of Bangladesh. There will two LNG terminals FSRU and gas pipeline created to ease Bangladesh gas shortage. Moheshkhali is the only hilly island in Bangladesh.

What is Cox’s Bazar postal code?

Cox’s Bazar Sadar Postal Zip code

Upazila Post Office Post Code
Cox’s Bazar Sadar Coxs Bazar Sadar 4700
Cox’s Bazar Sadar Eidga 4702
Cox’s Bazar Sadar Zhilanja 4701

What is my postal code in Bangladesh?

Here is the Bangladesh Post Code list….Postal Code list in Bangladesh.

Division Dhaka Division
District Dhaka
Thana Demra
Post Office Demra
Post Code 1360

How many unions are there in moheshkhali?

Maheshkhali Upazila

Municipality Union Literacy rate (%)
1 12 43.1

Where is kutubdia?

Kutubdia Island is the coastal area of Bangladesh. It stands in the belly of Bay of Bengal. This Island is the off coast near Chakaria and Cox’s Bazar of Bangladesh. Total island is covered by 215.8 square kilometers of lands.

Why is kutubdia famous?

It is famous for the only lighthouse in Bangladesh which was built by the British during the British rule. Kutubdia is rich in producing salt and dried fish, locally known as ‘Shutki’.

What is the post office of Panchlaish thana?

Panchlaish postal code: 4203 Passport Office Panchlaish, Chattogram 4203.

What is the post code of Hathazari?

4330: Hathazari, Hathazari, Chittagong | Bangladesh Postal Code.

How do I get to kutubdia?

The easiest way to go to Kutubdia Island is to go by Mognama ghat (Mognama jetty). There is direct bus service from Chittagong to Mognama, also you can go to Mognama by CNG taxi from Chokoria. One can go to Chokoria from Chittagong or Cox’s Bazar, or from Dhaka by direct bus.

How many upazila are in Cox’s Bazar?

eight upazilas
This review considers all eight upazilas of Cox’s Bazar. There has been a longstanding lack of investment in the district, particularly in remote upazilas like Ramu, Maheshkhali, Pekua, and Kutubdia.

What is the post code of Mirpur?

ঢাকা পোস্টকোড

District Thana Post Code
Dhaka Mirpur 1216
Dhaka Mohammadpur 1207
Dhaka Mohammadpur 1225
Dhaka Motijheel 1222