Where is Kim Hanbin now?

Where is Kim Hanbin now?

Kim Hanbin or better known as former iKON leader B.I, was officially announced as an Executive Director for IOK Company, home to numerous Korean stars, today.

Is iKON Hanbin coming back?

iKON is so severely underpromoted by YGE as of now that they barely exist anymore, and they have 1–2 years left of their contract only. And Hanbin just happens to be the exec of a company… As for his confirmed plans, IOK has stated that he is considering his solo return.

Who is the leader of iKON group?

B.I (rapper)

B.I at the iKon 2018 Continue Tour in Seoul
Born Kim Han-bin October 22, 1996 Gyeonggi-do
Occupation Rapper singer-songwriter philanthropist record producer executive director
Musical career

Who is the youngest of iKON?

In terms of iKON members age, Chang is the youngest member of the group born in 1998 and is followed closely by the second last June of March 1997. The oldest member of the group is Jay 1994, followed by Song February 1995, Bobby December 1995, BI 1996, DK January 1997, and finally Chang 1998.

Why did Kim leave iKON?

The drug scandal involving him led to the resignation of Yang Hyun-suk as CEO of YG Entertainment, home to iKON, as well as other prominent K-pop bands like BLACKPINK. B.I also left iKON over the scandal and had his contract with YG terminated.

Is Kim Han-bin a CEO?

Kim Hanbin, better known by his stage name BI, has officially been appointed as an executive director of IOK Company which has subsidiaries like Nexen Engineering, The Sky Farm, TN Nation Entertainment and IOK Media among others. IOK Company is also home to numerous celebrities.

Is Kim Han-bin in jail?

Kim Han Bin, who is popularly known as B.I. from the K-pop band iKON, could face time in jail if he commits any additional drug-related crimes. The rapper has already received a 4-year probation sentence for illegal drug use. As per various media reports, BI’s sentence has been confirmed.

How many members are there in iKON?

six members
iKon (Korean: 아이콘), stylized as iKON, is a South Korean boy band formed in 2015 by YG Entertainment, consisting of six members: Yunhyeong, Bobby, Jinhwan, Ju-ne, Chanwoo and Donghyuk.

Is iKON still together?

With member Bobby and his non-celebrity fiancé’s sudden engagement announcement, and the birth of their child late last year, iKon’s future plans as a group have remained in the dark, with contract renewals still uncertain.

Is Kim Han-bin popular?

It doesn’t seem long ago since Kim Hanbin was on top of the world. As the leader of iKON, his group soared to the top of the charts consistently, with “Love Scenario” winning “Song of the Year” in 2018, becoming one of the most well-known tracks in the country.

Which iKON member is married?

star Bobby
K-pop band iKON’s star Bobby has announced that he is engaged to be married and will become a father soon. The singer posted a handwritten note on Instagram, profusely apologising to his fans for keeping the development a secret.