Where is Duxbury Beach in Massachusetts?

Where is Duxbury Beach in Massachusetts?

Duxbury Beach is a barrier beach in the town of Duxbury, Massachusetts. It is six miles long and is accessed by the Powder Point Bridge from Duxbury, or Gurnet Road from Marshfield.

Why is Duxbury Beach so rocky?

Duxbury Beach is rocky in the winter and spring months because northeasterly winds pull the sand out. In the summer and fall, the sand comes back in with gentler wave action. However, the sand supply in the system is altered by storms, armoring up shore, and nourishment efforts.

Is Duxbury Beach free?

Owned By: Duxbury Beach Reservation, Inc. The southern portion of Duxbury Beach requires a permit to park or to drive over sand, but pedestrian access is free. Access to Duxbury Bay for shellfishing and paddling.

How do I get a Duxbury Beach sticker?

Stickers can be purchased online on the Town of Duxbury’s website by visiting: https://www.town.duxbury.ma.us/treasurercollectors-office/pages/online-p…, by calling City Hall Systems at 508-381-5455, or by mailing in or dropping off an application and supporting documents to Stickers Department, Duxbury Town Hall.

Can you have a fire on Duxbury Beach?

Cooking and Picnicking – all fires must be in a metal container, and any hot coals or ash must be removed when leaving the beach. (Please note: fires are not allowed on the Duxbury Beach Park section of the beach.)

Can you drink at Duxbury Beach?

Drinking of alcoholic beverages is prohibited on beach property. 4. Dogs must be leashed and under the immediate and effective control of their handler at all times. All dogs on beach property must be covered by a current Town of Duxbury Walking Permit issued by the Duxbury Town Clerk (see “Special Dog Regu- lations”).

Can you surf at Duxbury Beach?

Please read the rules and regulations. Thanks to The Arc of Greater Plymouth, Duxbury Beach is home to a new beach wheelchair that features floats for those who want to enjoy the waves and a five-point safety strap.

How long is the Powder Point Bridge?

Total length: 2,200.0 ft. (0.4 mi.)

Are dogs allowed on Duxbury Beach?

3) In accordance with all rules and regulations, dogs are allowed on the Duxbury Beach property between the hours of 8:00am and Sunset, unless these hours are amended by the Duxbury Recreation Department Beach Operations Division. Dogs are prohibited on Duxbury Beach property between the hours of Sunset and 8:00 am.

How much is a non resident Duxbury Beach sticker?

Limit (1) Non Resident sticker per household. $10 to replace with return of old sticker.