Where do I send my transcripts to University of Michigan?

Where do I send my transcripts to University of Michigan?

[email protected]
Transcripts can be sent electronically to [email protected].

How do I send my high school transcripts to University of Michigan?

The most efficient and preferred way of submitting transcripts is through the Common Application, the Coalition Application, or e-transcript vendors. Transcripts may also be sent directly from the issuing institution to tran[email protected]. File size of attachments cannot exceed 10 MB.

What is the email address for University of Michigan?

[email protected]
You can call us with your campus/Ann Arbor questions at (734) 764-INFO. You can e-mail us your questions at [email protected] .

Does University of Michigan accept dual enrollment credits?

Yes. High school students who dually enroll for courses at accredited institutions of higher education may receive credit for work taken at these institutions for courses that have been recognized for transfer to the University of Michigan in accordance with LSA’s transfer credit policy.

Does Umich need official transcript?

**The School Report or Counselor Recommendation must be submitted with an official high school transcript and received in our office by the deadline. For this reason, we strongly encourage counselors to submit the report and transcript electronically.

Does University of Michigan accept college credits?

Upon evaluation of your academic credentials, you can expect to receive one of the following types of transfer credit. Courses that you have completed at other colleges and universities that closely match courses taught at U-M will usually transfer as “equivalent credit”.

Does UMich require official transcripts?

Does University of Michigan send acceptance letters?

Applicants who have been admitted will also receive paper correspondence. We will send your admissions decision to the address you provided in your application; if you have provided a mailing address, we will send the decision there.

Can you take classes across schools at Umich?

Dual enrollment is a program through which high school students may enroll in college classes at the University of Michigan — and experience directly what an education at one of the best universities in the country is like.

Can you take courses across schools at Umich?

To take a class or classes at another college or university while also enrolled at U-M in the same term, students must first get permission from their college. Honors and Residential College students must follow the procedures established by that Program and Residential College.