Where can I find psychology research papers?

Where can I find psychology research papers?

Find articles using Library databases – Quick Guide

  • APA PsycARTICLES (via Ebsco)
  • APA PsycINFO (via Ebsco)
  • APA PsycTESTS (via Ebsco)
  • Mental Measurements Yearbook with Tests in Print (via Ebsco)
  • ProQuest (Multi-Database Search)
  • PubMed.
  • SAGE Journals.

Where are the best psychology articles?

The 15 most popular psychology websites (September 2021)

  • Psychology Today.
  • VeryWell Mind.
  • Scientific American Mind.
  • Psych Central.
  • Simply Psychology.
  • Positive Psychology.
  • Psychiatric Times.
  • BPS Research Digest.

Where can I find peer-reviewed psychology articles?

An essential database of full-text, peer-reviewed articles published by the APA and affiliated journals.

Is Frontiers in Psychology an online journal?

That is why Frontiers provides online free and open access to all of its research publications.

Is Frontiers in Psychology legit?

Frontiers in Psychology is a peer-reviewed open-access academic journal covering all aspects of psychology in 30 sections.

Is APA scholarly?

American Psychologist® , established in 1946, is the flagship peer-reviewed scholarly journal of the American Psychological Association. Disclaimer: APA and the editors of the American Psychologist® assume no responsibility for statements and opinions advanced by the authors of its articles.

What is an academic journal psychology?

Top Psychology Journals: Top Psychology Journals Journal metrics measure, compare, and often rank research and scholarly publications. They can also be referred to as journal rankings, journal importance, or a journal’s impact. Journal metrics allow scholars and researchers to compare scholarly periodicals.

Is Frontiers in Psychology a good journal?

According to the Journal Citation Reports, the journal has a 2020 impact factor of 2.990. Scopus classifies it as a general psychology journal and gives it a 2019 CiteScore rank of 73% (above average) compared to all other indexed general psychology journals.

Where can I read psychology articles for free?

Free Psychology Journals

  • Journal of Forensic Psychology.
  • Australian Journal of Educational & Developmental Psychology.
  • Neural Plasticity.
  • The International Journal of Psychological Studies.
  • Advances in Cognitive Psychology.
  • The Open Access Journal of Forensic Psychology.
  • Evolutionary Psychology.

Which website is best for psychology?

Some of the best psychology websites

  • PsychCentral. From their about page: “Psych Central is the Internet’s largest and oldest independent mental health social network.
  • Psychology Today.
  • Scientific American Mind.
  • Research Digest.
  • PsyBlog.
  • MindHacks.

What is the best psychology magazine?

Top Psychology Magazines and Journals for Therapists

  1. Psychological Bulletin. http://www.apa.org/pubs/journals/bul/
  2. APS Observer. www.psychologicalscience.org/observer.
  3. APA Monitor on Psychology.
  4. Psychological Review.
  5. The Psychologist.
  6. Psychology Today.
  7. The International Journal of Psychoanalysis.
  8. Scientific American Mind.

What are the best psychology journals?

– Previous lists of journal rankings. – The number of citations for the journals, as compiled by the Institute for Scientific Information’s Journal Citation Reports. – The amount of time a journal has had an impact on the field.

How do I find scholarly journal articles?

How do I find scholarly journal articles? You can locate scholarly journals in many of the Wayne State Libraries Article Databases. Look for a check box on the search screen that indicates “scholarly” or “peer review”, or look in your search results for a link that can narrow your search to Scholarly Journals, Peer Reviewed Journals, Academic

What are scholarly journals?

The primary purpose of this journal is to inform people about polar science. Currently, more than 150 articles are submitted per year. As a result, this journal is recognized globally as one of the few comprehensive academic journals in the field of polar science.

What are scholarly journal articles?

Scholarly articles are published in scholarly journals and are sometimes called peer-reviewed articles. The articles are a means for a scholar to communicate with other scholars in the field about his or her research. They are often reviewed by peers in the field in order to ensure that the article is relevant and accurate.