Where are Terumo products manufactured?

Where are Terumo products manufactured?

The company is also active worldwide, with subsidiaries and manufacturing facilities in the United States, Belgium, Germany, the United Kingdom, India, the Philippines, and China and nearly 70 sales offices worldwide, including 38 office in Japan and 28 sales offices internationally.

Where is Terumo based?

Headquartered on the East Coast in New Jersey, Terumo Medical Corporation performs North American sales of Terumo TIS Business interventional products and the hospital products of the General Hospital Company.

Is Terumo a brand?

The company’s first product was “Jintan Taionkei”, the first Japanese-made thermometer available for sale, and it has since expanded into a medical devices manufacturer, producing medical disposables, cardiovascular systems and diabetes care products….Terumo.

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What does Terumo Medical make?

TERUMO MEDICAL PRODUCTS (TMP) It’s what makes TMP brands like SurGuard®, SURFLO®, SurFlash® and Sur-Vet® among the most trusted in the industry.

What does Terumo mean in Japanese?

Sample 1. Sample 2. Terumo means Terumo Corporation, a corporation organized, existing and doing business under and by virtue of the laws of Japan with its offices and principal place of business located at Tokyo Opera City Tower 50F; 3-20-2 Nishi-Shinjuku, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, 163-1450 Japan. Sample 1. Sample 2.

How much is Terumo BCT worth?

Terumo BCT produces technologies that collect and process blood and cells used in a wide range of therapeutic areas. As President and Chief Executive Officer, Gawin will oversee the company with nearly $1 billion in revenue and 7,000 associates supporting customers in 130 countries.

How many employees does Terumo have?

23,319Terumo Corporation / Number of employees (consolidated, as of March 31, 2018)

When was Terumo founded?

September 17, 1921Terumo Corporation / Founded

Who is the CEO of Terumo?

Antoinette Gawin
Antoinette Gawin is President and Chief Executive Officer of Terumo Blood and Cell Technologies, a mission-driven medical device company that is focused on unlocking the potential of blood and cell-based therapies.

How many employees does Terumo BCT have?

What does Terumo BCT do?

Working together with our customers, we can make safer, higher-quality transfusions available to more people. We can bring even more treatment options to patients through advanced blood therapies. And we can make the dream of new, cutting-edge blood and cell therapies the new standard of care.