What type of paper is used for stucco?

What type of paper is used for stucco?

Two Ply Stucco Paper: Two ply paper is really the “industry standard” when it comes to stucco applications. The paper is sometimes tacked together in spots but can be separated if need be.

What is Grade D building paper?

Grade D felt paper is used by the construction industry in the United States as the base for shingles. The United States Federal Government requires specific specifications for a felt paper to be given the Grade D stamp of approval. It is rated the best felt paper for roof construction.

What is GMCraft 10 paper?

GMCraft 10 Building Paper is asphalt saturated building paper which is described as a weather-resistant barrier, or moisture barrier. The application is 49 feet long and covers 162 sq. ft, for double covers. A double cover application is also available.

Can I use tar paper as a vapor barrier?

Tar paper can be used as an effective vapor barrier, but other materials may work better, depending on the conditions of your home and your climate. Vapor barriers use a material that prevents water from entering your home while also having some level of permeability to allow for ventilation.

How many layers of paper do you need for stucco?

Two Layers
Figure 1: Two Layers of Building Paper—The two layers of building paper are significant in the performance of hardcoat stucco assemblies. The outer layer of building paper acts as bond break between the stucco and the inner layer of building paper permitting modest drainage of water between the two layers.

What do you put under stucco?

Sheathing is basically the “backing material” that can be found underneath the various layers of stucco that form the backing of residential and commercial buildings. They can be made out of wood, cement, gypsum, fiberglass and other materials.

Is Tyvek grade D building paper?

Grade D paper By helping to seal the building envelope, Tyvek® StuccoWrap® helps protect buildings against bulk water intrusion and air-transported moisture, two factors that can lead to mold and wood damage if water accumulates in the wall cavity.

Can I use roofing paper for stucco?

Under stucco, you can use asphalt felt or two layers of Grade-D building paper, commonly used on the West Coast. Both asphalt felt and Grade D paper will block liquid water but allow water vapor to pass through.

Can you use Tyvek under stucco?

Yes, DuPont™ Tyvek® WB can be used under any façade, including brick, stucco, vinyl, cedar siding, metal, and stone. Proper installation under each façade is essential to ensure Tyvek® provides the maximum level of air infiltration resistance and bulk water holdout.

Can Tyvek be installed over tar paper?

Tyvek over Tar Paper: As long as the tar paper is in real good shape, in most cases you would be fine, as long as neither product gets wet.