What time is the Tramore bus?

What time is the Tramore bus?

The 360 bus (Tramore (Bus Terminus) – Waterford Bus Station) has 12 stops departing from Tramore Bus Station Stop 331441 and ending in Waterford Bus Stn Stop 355051. 360 bus time schedule overview for the upcoming week: Starts operating at 7:45 AM and ends at 11:35 PM. Operating days this week: everyday.

How much is bus to Tramore?

Bus Fares

Local Link Waterford Fares
Adult Student & Children
Return €6.00 €3.00
Single €3.00 €1.50
Note: Free Travel Passes are accepted. Under 3yrs are also free.

Can u get a bus to Tramore?

Tramore is located in the South East of Ireland, and is served by an excellent transport infrastructure, with good road links to the main population and transportation centres – Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Rosslare. Bus and Rail connections are also available.

Can I pay cash on Bus Eireann?

Bus Éireann fares and tickets In general, you can pay your fare with cash. You can also order your ticket online.

How much is the bus from Waterford City to Tramore?

The best way to get from Waterford to Tramore Bus Station, stop 331441 without a car is to line 360 bus via Bayview, stop 353041 which takes 26 min and costs €6 – €10.

Does Tramore have a train station?

The railway officially opened on 5 September 1853 and opened for normal business on 7 September 1853….

Waterford and Tramore Railway
Track gauge 1,600 mm (5 ft 3 in) Irish gauge

Can u get a train to Tramore?

The COBH/MIDLETON SERVICE is the first Train that goes to Tramore in Ireland. It stops nearby at 5:30 AM.

Do expressway buses have toilets?

We are extremely proud and super excited to tell you all about them! You’ll find onboard toilet facilities that will make journeys that bit more pleasant, and a climate control system that will make journeys more comfortable, even on the hottest of days. You’ll also find great features such as: 4G WiFi.

How long is the train journey from Waterford to Dublin?

approximately 2 hours
The Waterford to Dublin train ensures a fast, safe, and comfortable journey through the scenic landscapes of the country, as well as all modern amenities for your convenience. The ride from one railway station to another takes approximately 2 hours.

Do expressway buses have Wi-Fi?

The majority of our routes provide hourly services for timely travel to wherever you’re headed. And, our routes let you travel to major airports around the country in luxury with our extra comfort leather seats, while you stay connected with onboard Wi-Fi.