What root means to go or move?

What root means to go or move?

Quick Summary. The Latin root word ced means “go.” This root is the word origin of many English vocabulary words, including accede, secede, and recede.

What root means go or yield?

Ms. Markart (FL) Words derived from the Latin roots “ceed, cede, cess”, meaning go, yield, or surrender.

What words have the root word cede?

-cede- comes from Latin, where it has the meaning “go away from; withdraw; yield. ” This meaning is found in such words as: accede, antecedent, cede, concede, precede, precedent, recede, secede.

What is the origin of the root word ceed?

Words ending in -cede or -ceed are related to the Latin cedere meaning “to go, move away, withdraw, yield.” For example secede often means to withdraw from a larger area, concede means to yield to a winning opponent, and succeed can mean to follow after.

What is the meaning of leg LIG lect?

leg, lig, lect. pick, read. lecture. a speech or talk that is given or read to a group.

Which one means say or declare?

declare, announce, proclaim, promulgate mean to make known publicly. declare implies explicitness and usually formality in making known. the referee declared the contest a draw announce implies the declaration of something for the first time.

What does the root miss mean?

to send
The English root mit and its variant miss comes from a Latin word that means ‘to send. ‘

What words have cess in them?

7 letter words containing cess

  • process.
  • success.
  • abscess.
  • cession.
  • cesspit.
  • precess.
  • cessing.
  • cessant.

What are words that start with Miss?

8-letter words that start with miss

  • misstate.
  • misspell.
  • misspend.
  • misspeak.
  • missense.
  • misshape.
  • missilry.
  • missiles.

Which of the following words means to go or move back?

recede. To move back or away from a point, limit, or mark: ebb, retract, retreat, retrocede, retrograde, retrogress.