What pipes are Scottish Water responsible for?

What pipes are Scottish Water responsible for?

Scottish Water is responsible for the water main in your street and all the pipework up to, and including the stopcock at the boundary of your property. The owner/occupier will then normally have responsibility for any pipework from the stopcock into the property and all your indoor and external plumbing.

Who is responsible for the supply of water?

There are three different types of water pipes. Water mains are the large company pipes that distribute water around the network….Water pipes.

Type of pipe Laid under Responsibility for pipe
Communication pipe Highway Water company
Supply pipe serving a single property Highway Property owner

Who is responsible for shared drains Scotland?

Getting connected to the public sewerage system Scottish Water is responsible for taking the drains to a point where you can connect to the public drains and sewers.

How deep are water pipes buried Scotland?

Full details of notification requirements can be found on our website at www.scottishwater.co.uk/byelaws Page 4 Underground pipes To help prevent pipes from freezing and being damaged, pipes should be laid to minimum depth of 750mm up to a maximum depth of 1350mm.

Who is responsible for waste water pipes?

Most shared drainage or sewer pipes will be the responsibility of the water company. that waste to the public sewer. That connecting pipe is usually our responsibility.

Do Scottish Water unblock drains?

If the flooding is caused by a blockage in the public sewer, Scottish Water will attend and clear the blockage. If extreme weather has caused waste water to overflow, we will carry out a clean up and investigate further.

Do water companies have to replace lead pipes?

WaterSafe and water companies advise replacing all lead pipes with new copper or plastic pipes which have been approved for use with drinking water.

How do I report a fault to Scottish Water?

Phone: our Customer Helpline 0800 0778 778. Email: [email protected]. Post: Head Office, Castle House, 6 Castle Drive, Dunfermline, KY11 8GG.

Who is responsible for the main water supply in Scotland?

It’s the main public water supply pipe. This pipe is Scottish Water’s responsibility. What is the stop valve and who owns it? This controls the water supply into your property. It’s located within the boundary of your property, usually in your home under a sink, or in a garage.

Who is responsible for shared water supply pipe?

Water supply pipe, who is responsible? The property owner is responsible for the maintenance. A shared supply means you and your neighbours are jointly responsible. You are responsible for the installation and maintenance of all plumbing inside your home. What is a water communication pipe and who owns it?

Who is responsible for the pipes on my property?

Usually, responsibility for different types of water pipes is as shown in the table and diagram below. However, there may be special cases in some areas, and you should contact your water company, and consult the deeds to your property to find out more. You are responsible for the drains, water pipes and plumbing fixtures on your property.

Can Scottish Water force entry to fix a broken water pipe?

If you refuse to give Scottish Water access to fix the water pipe, they can get a warrant from a Justice of the Peace to force entry after 24 hours to repair it. In severe winters it’s sensible to take precautions to make sure the pipes in your home, holiday home or business don’t burst.