What monsters can you placed on Gold Island?

What monsters can you placed on Gold Island?

Most monsters can be placed on Gold Island once they reach level 15….These include:

  • Any Natural Monster which is currently located on the Natural Islands.
  • The Shugabush, when it is located on Plant Island.
  • The Wubbox and Rare Wubbox.
  • The Seasonal Monsters, when they are located on the Natural Islands.

What’s the point of Gold Island?

“Although shaped like a castle, this mysterious structure actually serves as the main power generator in the monster dimension of the multiverse! It’s from here that monsters derive their musical inspiration, as well as their tireless energy so that they can keep singing forever!”

Can Ethereals be on Gold Island?

Ethereal Monsters. They cannot be placed on Gold Island for any circumstance, regardless of whether they are on the Ethereal Island or on one of the Natural islands; same applies to Rarethereals, Epic Ethereals, and the Superethereal Wubbox. Monsters which are on Shugabush Island.

Can Wubbox go on Gold Island?

Once the Wubbox is leveled up to level 15, it can be placed on the Gold Island.

What is the point of mirror island MSM?

Mirror Islands unlock at Level 20 and let you create new versions of existing Islands to decorate and populate as you see fit, all without changing the original. Rediscover your favorite Islands, create new songs, expand your Monster collection, and best of all: let your creativity run wild!

How much food does it take to get a monster to level 15?

Single/Double Element Natural Monsters

Level Food Per Feeding Total food to reach this Level
13 20,480 81,900
14 40,960 163,820
15 61,440 327,660
16 92,160 573,420

How do you teleport monsters to Gold Island?

After completing the Colossingum Tutorial you can select a Monster, then tap on the Teleport Icon. This will open the teleport menu. Here you can see all of the Islands that Monster can teleport to and the requirements to do so. You can also place any level 15 Monster from your Natural Islands on Gold Island!