What is the word for agreeing with both sides?

What is the word for agreeing with both sides?

reciprocal Add to list Share. Reciprocal describes something that’s the same on both sides. If you and your sister are in a big fight on a long car trip, you might resolve it through a reciprocal agreement that you’ll stop poking her and she’ll stop reading road signs out loud.

What’s another synonym for simultaneous?

Some common synonyms of simultaneous are coeval, coincident, contemporaneous, contemporary, and synchronous. While all these words mean “existing or occurring at the same time,” simultaneous implies correspondence in a moment of time.

How do you describe something with two sides?

having two sides; bilateral.

What are synonyms and antonyms for simultaneously?

Synonyms & Antonyms of simultaneously

  • coincidentally,
  • coincidently,
  • concurrently,
  • contemporaneously,
  • together.

What is it called when you can do multiple things at once?

: someone or something that performs multiple tasks : one that multitasks: a : a person who can perform or manage many tasks at the same time The ultimate multitasker, he routinely had a half-dozen or more projects under contract at the same time, all of which would be seen to timely completion.— Mark S.

What is a synonym and antonym for simultaneously?

simultaneous. Antonyms: inconcurrent, separate, apart, intermittent, periodic. Synonyms: synchronous, concomitant, concurrent.

What do you call it when people think alike?

A phrase used when one has the same thought or idea as someone else.

Does bilateral mean both sides?

Bilateral: Affecting both sides. For example, bilateral arthritis affects joints on both the left and right sides of the body.

What does multi lateral mean?

Definition of multilateral 1 : having many sides. 2 : involving or participated in by more than two nations or parties multilateral agreements.

What is it called when you have two sides?

: having two sides : bilateral.

How do the two sides of the brain work together?

The brain actually works best when both sides of the brain are engaged at the same time. Neuroscientists have found that the two sides of the brain work together to perform a wide variety of tasks and the two sides communicate through the corpus callosum.

Does the brain only function on one side?

Although some brain functions do occur in one or the other side of the brain, the two sides must work together for optimal functioning. Recent research suggests that the brain is not as dichotomous as we once thought, and our thinking is a more global process.

Can both sides of the brain be used to innovate?

The idea is to engage both sides of the brain, to increase innovation. New research shows how the brain’s plasticity rewires itself on both sides. One girl without the right side of her brain, for instance recovered near perfect vision.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of using both sides of brain?

Advantages of Using both sides of the brain. If your left brain is the dominant part of your brain you may have problems thinking in a creative way or in being intuitive while if your right brain was the dominant part you may have problems planning for your life or thinking logically (see left brain vs right brain)