What is the price of Farmtrac 45?

What is the price of Farmtrac 45?

Farmtrac Tractors Price List in India

Farmtrac 45 Classic 45 Rs. 5.71 lakh – 6.27 lakh
Farmtrac 45 Smart 50 Rs. 5.30 lakh – 5.70 lakh
Farmtrac 45 Ultramaxx 47 Rs. 6.30 lakh – 6.50 lakh
Farmtrac 50 Classic EPI Pro 48 Rs. 6.50 lakh – 6.80 lakh

Are Farmtrac tractors still made?

The Indian manufacturer has returned to North America under the auspices of Farmtrac U.S., which is located in Collins, Miss., with a range of 40-60 horsepower tractors sold through a dozen dealer outlets in Mississippi and neighboring Louisiana and Alabama.

What is the horsepower of Farmtrac 45?

45 HP
Farmtrac 45 Classic Full Specifications

HP Category 45 HP
Engine Capacity 2900 cc
Engine Rated RPM 1850 RPM
Max Torque

Is Farmtrac made by Ford?

It is one of three brands built by Escorts Agri. The other brands are Escort and Powertrac. The Farmtrac brand was launched by Escorts in 1996 in response to the loss of the Ford/New Holland license in India….Farmtrac.

Founded 1996
Website www.escortsagri.com

Is Farmtrac same as Ford?

The Long Farmtrac 60 is similar to a 4600 Ford, and the Long Farmtrac 35 is similar the Ford 2600.

Who owns Farmtrac tractor?

Escorts Agri Machinery
Farmtrac is the flagship brand of one of India’s largest tractor manufacturers – Escorts Agri Machinery.

How much does a Farmtrac 45 weigh?

1865 KG
Farmtrac 45 Classic price in India is Rs. 5.95 – 6.25 Lakh*….Farmtrac 45 Classic Dimensions And Weight Of Tractor.

Total Weight 1865 KG
Overall Width 1735 MM
Ground Clearance 370 MM
Turning Radius With Brakes 3135 MM

Which is the best tractor in 42 hp?

Most popular tractor in India with their detailed specifications and a fair price is shown below only on TractorJunction at a single place….Popular Tractors in India.

Popular Tractors in India Tractor HP Popular Tractors Price
Massey Ferguson 241 DI MAHA SHAKTI 42 HP Rs. 5.75-6.40 lac*
Swaraj 855 FE 52 HP Rs. 7.10- 7.40 lac*