What is the origin of the word Essene?

What is the origin of the word Essene?

Essene (n.) 1550s, member of a Jewish sect (first recorded 2c. B.C.E.), from Latin, from Greek Essenoi, of disputed etymology, perhaps from Hebrew tzenum “the modest ones,” or Hebrew hashaim “the silent ones.” Klein suggests Syriac hasen, plural absolute state of hase “pious.” Related: Essenes.

What did Jesus learn from the Essenes?

The discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and our growing knowledge of the Essene community that produced them, gives us one of the most important pieces of evidence for the diversity of Jewish life and thought in the time of Jesus.

When were the Essenes destroyed?


Founded Between 134 and 104 BCE or slightly later
Abandoned 68 CE or shortly after
Periods Hellenistic to Roman period
Cultures Second Temple Judaism

What did the Essenes wear?

In the description of the Essenes in the Jewish War (2.119–161), Josephus refers twice to their white dress: they made a point of being always dressed in white (2.123: leuxeimone›n diapantÒw), and an axe (or hatchet), a loincloth and white clothing (2.137: leukØ §syÆw) were given to candidates.

What did the Essenes want from the Messiah?

The Essenes also looked forward to the coming of Messiah. They were preoccupied with a heavenly Messiah, who would bring a heavenly Kingdom. The Essenes hoped the Messiah would find people who were prepared to re-establish the true priesthood and kingship of David and to battle the forces of spiritual darkness.

What is the meaning of Essene?

See Article History. Essene, member of a religious sect or brotherhood that flourished in Palestine from about the 2nd century bc to the end of the 1st century ad.

Who were the Essenes?

5) described the Essenes as the third of the “philosophies” or schools of religious thought in contemporary Judaism, but apart from his testimony there are further descriptions of Essene beliefs and customs in his older Jewish contemporary, Philo of Alexandria, as well as another from the Rom. author, Pliny, the Elder.

What are the Essenes’ethics?

According to Philo, the Essenes observed the ethical precepts of the Torah strictly, manifesting their love for God in a variety of ways including consistent religious purity, abstinence from oaths, a love of virtue, freedom from bondage to material possessions, self-mastery, frugality, humility and contentment.

Is it possible to be an Essene?

While it is possible, it cannot be explicitly proven either biblically or historically. The Essenes as a sect of Judaism do not exist today. However, there are fringe groups that call themselves Essenes.