What is the oldest pub in Leeds?

What is the oldest pub in Leeds?


  • Whitelock’s Ale House first opened in 1715 as the Turk’s Head, a heritage reflected in the name of the yard in which Whitelock’s is situated – it is still called Turk’s Head Yard.
  • In 1867 the licence of the Turk’s Head was granted to John Lupton Whitelock.

What did Pryzm Leeds used to be called?

The Merrion Centre club
The Merrion Centre club closed the following year after a nine-year tenure. It later reopened as Pryzm.

What is the oldest pub in Yorkshire?

The Bingley Arms – Bardsey – AD953 The oldest pub in not only Yorkshire, but the UK (and possibly the world) The Bingley Arms in Bardsey has been serving beer for over 1000 years!

What year was the first pub?

This pub claims to be England’s oldest inn dating back to 1189 AD. It sits upon a network of caves believed to have belonged to a nearby castle nearby and used as a brewhouse.

Where does the word pub come from?

pub (n.) 1859, slang shortening of public house (see public (adj.)), which originally meant “any building open to the public” (1570s), then “inn that provides food and is licensed to sell ale, wine, and spirits” (1660s), and finally “tavern” (1768).

How many pubs are in the UK?

46,800 pubs
How many pubs are there in the UK? There were approximately 46,800 pubs operating in the United Kingdom in 2020. This represented a decrease of approximately 8,600 pubs in the last ten years, and a decline of over 14,000 pubs since 2000.

What was the first Wetherspoons in Leeds?

North Concourse, Leeds City Station, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS1 4DY. When Wetherspoon’s chairman, Tim Martin, opened his first pub in north London, in 1979, he named it Wetherspoons, after a Mr Wetherspoon – his teacher at primary school in New Zealand.

What was Oceana in Leeds called before?

Oceana. This one-time student haunt was voted the Worst Club in Leeds 2013 by readers of student magazine The Tab. The Merrion Centre club closed the following year after a nine-year tenure. It has since reopened as Pryzm.

What was Oceania club called before?

The nightclub at Barbican Leisure Park has always thrived. Before it became Pryzm, it was home to the very popular Oceana and before that, it was Destiny’s.

How old is the Bingley Arms pub?

The Bingley Arms calls itself the oldest pub in Britain, with a history dating back to between AD 905 and AD 953, and says that it served as a safe house for persecuted Catholic priests, and also as a courthouse from around AD 1000 from which offenders were taken to the pillory across the road.

Where are the oldest pubs in Leeds city centre?

Whitelock’s is one of the oldest pubs in Leeds city centre and dates back to 1715, originally named The Turk’s Head. The pub boasts traditional, late Victorian interior and decor, including characterful, dark wood furniture and even the original beer mirrors.

Who owns the Turk’s Head pub in Leeds?

In 1867, John Lupton Whitelock, a flautist with the Hallé and Leeds Symphony Orchestra, was granted the licence of the Turk’s Head. The Whitelock family bought the pub and in 1886 completed a refurbishment which has left the decor we can see today, including the long marble bar, etched mirrors and glass.

Where can you find the Best Ales in Leeds?

It’s also a great place for local real ales like Black Sheep, and if you get hungry, the menu of local grub stands the test of time with dishes like Hunter’s Chicken and Steak ‘n’ Ale pie. The Bingley Arms, Church Lane, Bardsey, Leeds, West Yorkshire, LS17 9DR.

What is the oldest pub in Edinburgh’s city centre?

Whitelock’s claims to be the oldest pub in the city centre. It dates back to 1715, and although the title itself is hotly contested, the history that oozes out of every inch of this wonderful alleyway bar can’t be denied.