What is the oldest building at UBC?

What is the oldest building at UBC?

UBC’s oldest building—the Chemistry Building—reopens featuring new state-of-the-art research and learning facilities. The renovation of the building (formerly the Science Building) is part of UBC Renew, a $120-million partnership between UBC and the provincial government.

Is UBC in City of Vancouver?

Quicklinks. The University of British Columbia’s Vancouver campus is located at the western tip of the Point Grey Peninsula in the city of Vancouver in British Columbia, Canada.

When was UBC built?

1908The University of British Columbia / Founded

How old is the UBC chemistry building?

As a result, construction resumed in 1923, and the Chemistry Building was completed in 1925. Designed initially for chemistry and chemical engineering, the building also held classes for physics, bacteriology, and public health. After 1949, the building was officially named the “Chemistry Building.”

What does UBC mean in construction?

Uniform Building Code
From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The Uniform Building Code (UBC) was a building code used primarily in the western United States.

What is UBC famous for?

T he University of British Columbia is recognized internationally for excellence in teaching and research as well as global impact . Since 1915, UBC has been opening doors of opportunity for people with the curiosity, drive and vision to shape a better world.

How big is UBC?

UBC is situated in one of the most spectacular settings in Vancouver. More than 400 hectares in size, the stunning campus is surrounded by forest on three sides and ocean on the fourth, and is just a 30-minute bus ride to Vancouver’s downtown core.

How many people live on UBC?

There are now more than 11,000 people living in campus residential neighbourhoods, and nearly 12,000 students living in on-campus student housing.

Who built UBC?

“Ike” Barber, who donated $20 million for its construction (UBC and the provincial government provided matching funding), and is intended to house Library collections, academic programmes, and study spaces.

Where is chemistry building a?

The “Podium” was added to the north side of the Chemistry building in 1985, creating 20,000 square feet of well-equipped, new undergraduate laboratories….Amenities.

Wireless Yes
Accessibility entrance with ramp, access to all floors

What does UBC facilities do?

UBC Facilities, Vancouver UBC Facilities portfolio encompasses Building Operations, Energy & Water Services, and Infrastructure development on the Vancouver campus of the University of Irtish Columbia. UBC Facilities Group is responsible for facilities and utilities on the UBC Vancouver campus.

Where can I find photos of UBC buildings and facilities?

Photographs of many of these buildings and facilities can be found in the UBC Historical Photographs database.

Who is responsible for facilities on the Vancouver campus?

UBC Facilities Group is responsible for facilities and utilities on the UBC Vancouver campus.

How can I visit the UBC campus?

View the campus from anywhere in the world. Current students will walk you through key locations, giving you a feel for what it’s like to live and learn at UBC. See residences, study spots, recreational facilities, lecture halls, academic buildings, and more.