What is the motto of the French Foreign Legion?

What is the motto of the French Foreign Legion?

Legio patria nostra
“Legio patria nostra” (“The legion is our country”), the legion’s slogan, reinforced notions of loyalty to the legion rather than to France.

How tough is the French Foreign Legion?

Comprised of a select 8,000 men, the French Foreign Legion has a reputation for being one of the most challenging environments to serve within in any military worldwide.

Why do the French Foreign Legion wear aprons?

Leather Apron (French: Tablier de Cuir): Originally colored yellow with heritage to the 18th century and worn by the infantry sapeurs, the apron initially served the function to protect the sapeurs from wooden munitions blasts, breaching blasts and also limiting risks of penetration on obstacles in case of fall.

Have the French Foreign Legion ever won a battle?

Throughout its long history since its inception on March 9, 1831, elements of the French Foreign Legion have engaged in combat on the behalf of France and its interests with distinction….Second World War.

Date May 10 – June 25, 1940
Battle Battle of France
Location France
Result Defeat

Can a felon join the French Foreign Legion?

You won´t get in with any felony or any arrest warrant, however in most cases, La Légion won´t turn you in to the authorities if they find out about your criminal status or past. Not anymore. You can´t escape “ everything” by joining the Légion Etrangère. The days you would have been able to do that are long gone.

Can you have a beard in the French Foreign Legion?

France. The French allow their troops to grow beards off duty or on leave, but never in uniform. That is, except for the Sappers — they must grow a beard. The French Foreign Legion’s Sappers are encouraged to grow a long, beautiful beard.

Why do FFL carry axes?

The primary purpose of the pioneers was to use their axes to demolish the obstacles and barriers created by the enemy.