What is the meaning for worthwhile?

What is the meaning for worthwhile?

being worth the time or effort spent
1 : being worth the time or effort spent worthwhile preparations. 2 : worthy sense 1 a worthwhile cause. Other Words from worthwhile More Example Sentences Learn More About worthwhile.

What is the meaning of worthwhile in love?

a person worthy of being loved.

How do you use worthwhile in a sentence?

Worthwhile sentence example

  1. It was worthwhile to pursue the ghost writer.
  2. It was worthwhile to contribute.
  3. As with all the best presents, the wait was definitely worthwhile .
  4. I’d like to think we were doing something worthwhile instead of wasting our time on pointless errands.

Is worthwhile a positive word?

From winning to wise, there are dozens of positive words that start with W….Words Beginning With W That Have 6 or More Letters.

Word Definition Synonyms
worthwhile (adj.) important enough to warrant an investment of time and energy worth it

Is worthwhile a good thing?

worthwhile Add to list Share. Things that are worthwhile are good — they’re worth the time or money you spend on them.

What is worthwhile in life?

To find the purpose, we have to be able to trust our hearts, our instinct and allow it to lead us. If you get a general feeling of well-being and happiness most of the time when you think of your day, you have found your purpose and are leading a worthwhile life.

What is the difference between worth it and worthwhile?

To be worth it means ‘to be of reasonable or good value for the price’: A business class ticket cost £2,000, but it was worth it for such a long flight. It was very comfortable. We use worthwhile before a noun (as an attributive adjective) or after verbs such as be, seem, look (as a predicative adjective).

How do I make my life worthwhile?

How to live a worthwhile life

  1. Smile.
  2. Recognize how much of your life is made up of your own self-limiting beliefs, and then, manage those beliefs.
  3. Remember that clarity is a choice.
  4. Stop trying to achieve everything.
  5. Never stop building.
  6. Connect to your mind, body, and spirit.
  7. Have something to belong to.

What is another synonym for worthwhile?

advantageous, beneficial, constructive, excellent, good, important, invaluable, justifiable, lucrative, productive, profitable, rewarding, useful, valuable, worthy, estimable, gainful, meritorious, paying, priceless.