What is the maximum amount of gold you can pickpocket in Skyrim?

What is the maximum amount of gold you can pickpocket in Skyrim?

The maximum amount of gold pickpocketable on an awake target (so no night thief) is 2,852 (1% chance on a 15 Pickpocket skill target, with 100 skill, 5 ranks of Light Fingers, and Cutpurse, but no effect bonuses). The most you can steal with the maximum chance (90%) of success is 1,962.

How much do potions weigh Skyrim?

Potions weigh 0.5 each, and you can horde a hundred of them if you want to.

Can you pickpocket 0 in Skyrim?

For this reason, many Dragonborns may have turned to “save scumming,” the non-immersive and exploitative way of successfully stealing everything from an NPC’s inventory. However, thanks to one particular Alteration spell in Skyrim, pickpocketing can be accomplished at low or even 0% chances of success.

Is pickpocketing a skill?

Pickpocket is a skill in Skyrim and is one of the six skills that fall under The Thief play-style. The intent of the Pickpocket skill is to provide greater role-play opportunities and much more realistic thievery. The Dragonborn is free to peruse their target’s inventory, without breaking the law.

How can I upgrade my pickpocket fast?

You’ll get more experience for stealing items of higher value. Aim for high value, low weight steals like jewelry or gems for fast leveling. Head to a pickpocketing trainer and pay them to level up this skill. Then pickpocket your money back, and pay them for even more training.

How can I increase my pickpocket chance?

Also, to increase the chance of success, only pickpocket 1 item at a time. Complete the city influence quests and pickpocket anyone with impunity. If caught, just tell the guard that “you’re with the thieves guild.” This tactic results in a 12 gold fine each time one gets caught.

Can you steal money back from trainers Skyrim?

You can but you won’t be able to get it because it is set to 0% chance of success. There are a few trainers that you can use as followers. Training and then exchanging items will let you get your money back without stealing.

Is pickpocketing useful in Skyrim?

Although Septims aren’t exactly hard to come across in Skyrim, the Pickpocket skill not only allows the player to gain significantly more money but also saves a huge amount of coin in other scenarios, which can help immensely when trying to obtain the Golden Touch achievement or trophy.