What is the main theme of Othello?

What is the main theme of Othello?

Shakespeare’s classic play Othello is about a man who falsely accuses his wife of cheating on him, and believes this lie so strongly that he eventually takes her life. Some of the major themes in this play include racial prejudice, manipulation, and jealousy.

What are the three major themes in Othello?

The themes in Othello are linked with individual characters ranging from hatred to love, jealousy to revenge, service to betrayal, and innocence to guilty. Major themes In Othello are love, jealousy, racial prejudice, appearance versus reality, expectations versus outcome and intrigue.

What themes have emerged in Othello?


  • The Incompatibility of Military Heroism & Love. Before and above all else, Othello is a soldier.
  • The Danger of Isolation. The action of Othello moves from the metropolis of Venice to the island of Cyprus.
  • Jealousy.

How is manipulation a theme in Othello?

In Shakespeare’s Othello, the concept of taking advantage of someone through manipulation leads to unnecessary, horrible events. Using the character of Roderigo, Iago manipulates him into doing everything he wants.

What is the tragic flaw of Othello?

Some say that Othello’s tragic flaw was jealousy which flared at suspicion and rushed into action unchecked by calm common sense. A more modern interpretation would say that Othello’s tragic flaw was that he had internalized, that is taken into himself, the prejudices of those who surrounded him.

Why should you study Othello?

Othello can be related to many other modern texts, because they share similar ideas and themes, which is probably why we spend hours upon hours at school studying it. The play Othello, or any Shakespeare play, is relevant in the way that it allows us to become aware of our surroundings.

What is the main theme of Act 1 of Macbeth?

Theme #1. Ambition is one of the major themes in the play, Macbeth. In fact, ambition is also one of the themes of Julius Caesar, but Macbeth shows excessive ambition and its working.