What is the history of the finder relays company?

What is the history of the finder relays company?

Finder Relays, Inc. a subsidiary of Finder S.p.A. was established in 1993 to market and sell the Finder product line in the United States. The location north of Atlanta Georgia provides Finder an excellent infrastructure to serve customers throughout the USA.

Where are finder plug-in/PCB relays made?

The most recent plant in Valencia, complements the existing organization both in terms of the plant’s manufacturing process and emphasis on product quality. The products In these web sites find you information about: FINDER Plug-in / PCB Relays

How can I see my song list in music finder view?

If you download the MusicFinderView by Michael Bedesem and then download my Music Finder database, you will be able to see my song list in Michael Bedesem’s Music Finder View program. Of course, if you happen to have a Yamaha PSR-2000, you can load it into your keyboard as is.

What is an SSR relay?

Terminology & definitions Terminal marking Contact specification Coil specification Insulation SSR – Solid State Relay Relay with forcibly guided contacts, or safety relay Monitoring and Measuring relays Timers Light dependent relays Time switches Step relays and staircase timers Glow wire conformity according to EN 60335-1

What are the different sizes of Finder relays?

– Multivoltage – 22,2 mm wide FINDER Relays Series 88 5A 8A Multifunctions Plug-in / Front of panel mount timers – Time scales from 0,05s to 100h – 8 or 11 pin – AC/DC supply – Version available with 2 timed contacts or 1 instantaneous + 1 timed FINDER Relays Series 90 FINDER Relays Series 93 5A Multifunction Slim timed sockets – 6.2 mm wide

What are the features of the finder relays series 7p SPD?

– Pulse output for remote energy management, SO interface (open collector) according DIN 43864 to link the energy meter to a centrally located monitoring / management system. – 35 mm rail (EN60715) mount FINDER Relays Series 7P SPD Type 2 SPD Type 3 Surge protection device (SPD)

What are the different types of monitoring relays?

– Neutral loss Monitoring relays – Adjustable or fixed values – for 1 or 3-Phase systems – Positive safety logic – 35 mm rail (EN60715) mount – 17.5 – 22.5 – 35 mm wide FINDER Relays

Who is finder?

The company Since 1954 Finder S.p.A. has worked exclusively in the field of relays and timers. Our high degree of specialization has produced over 10,000 different products with one of the widest ranges available.