What is the highest paying trucking job in Florida?

What is the highest paying trucking job in Florida?

What is the highest paying truck driving job? Tanker drivers are some of the highest paid truck drivers.

How much do truckers make Florida?

CDL Truck Driver Salary in Florida

Annual Salary Hourly Wage
Top Earners $61,249 $29
75th Percentile $48,999 $24
Average $39,882 $19
25th Percentile $32,947 $16

How do I become a truck driver in Florida?

Florida CDL Overview

  1. Possess a Florida driver’s license.
  2. Pass the appropriate knowledge exams.
  3. Pass a vision test.
  4. Provide proof of identity and residency.
  5. Pass the Division of Driver Licenses medical exam.
  6. Submit to a driving record review.
  7. Pay the appropriate fee.

How much does a truck driver make in Florida?

Detailed skills and competency reports for specific positions

  • Job and employee pricing reports
  • Compensation data tools,salary structures,surveys and benchmarks.
  • How to find the best truck driver jobs?

    – Pre-trip inspection – Coupling and un-coupling trailer units – Putting equipment into operating mode – Use of the truck’s controls and emergency equipment – Safe operation of the truck in traffic – Turning the commercial motor vehicle – Braking – Backing and parking the tractor-trailer

    How to get hired as a truck driver?

    – An Independent Broker/Owner Operator. You may be fortunate enough to find an independent owner operator who may be able to offer you a driving job. – Apprenticeship Programs. Some trucking companies have apprenticeship programs for new drivers with a license. – Taking What You Are Offered.

    What is a good resume for a truck driver?

    Select the Right Truck Driver Resume Format. I won’t lie.

  • Add a Truck Driver Resume Objective or Summary. Pretend they won’t read your resume.
  • Supercharge Your Truck Driver Job Description and Skills Section. Most CDL resumes botch their job descriptions.
  • Turn Boring Education to a Reason to Hire You.
  • Add More to Your Truck Driver Resume.