What is the game Ticket to Ride Europe?

What is the game Ticket to Ride Europe?

FUN ADVENTURE GAME: Ticket to Ride Europe is a multi country train adventure game in which players collect and play matching train cards to claim railway routes connecting cities through Europe!

What countries are in Ticket to Ride Europe?

Ticket to Ride Nordic Countries takes you on a Nordic adventure through Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden as you travel to the great northern cities of Copenhagen, Oslo, Helsinki and Stockholm. Visit Norway’s beautiful fjords and the magnificent mountain scenery on the Rauma Railway.

Is Ticket to Ride Europe difficult?

Ticket To Ride can be quite daunting to look at, and sounds complicated, but actually if you just start playing, it’s really easy, and my 7 year old had the hang of it after 5 minutes. The difficult bit is as you get better and more strategic! The board itself is immense, around 75cm x 50cm.

How do you win Ticket to Ride Europe?

Tips to win Ticket to Ride

  1. Choose tickets you think you can finish.
  2. Avoid telegraphing where your routes are going because others can block you easily.
  3. Claim the critical routes first.
  4. Block other players if you can.
  5. Once your route is complete, consider to start on a new one.

Is Ticket to Ride game for adults?

Ticket to Ride Board Game | Family Board Game | Board Game for Adults and Family | Train Game | Ages 8+ | For 2 to 5 players | Average Playtime 30-60 minutes | Made by Days of Wonder.

How long does it take to play Ticket to Ride Europe?

30-60 minutes
Ticket to Ride Europe is a family weight board game where 2-5 players build train routes across Europe to score the highest number of points. It is a standalone game published by Days of Wonder and is the second Ticket to Ride game in the large series. According to the game box, the game takes 30-60 minutes to play.

How to get the cheapest train tickets in Europe?

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How to get free play tickets?

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  • What are the best train rides to take in Europe?

    Five star train tour in northern Spain: This train ride will give you the feel of a five star hotel.

  • Train ride to Green Spain: This ride will give you everything that you ask for.
  • Train ride with saloon coaches: If you are looking for a calm environment then you should go for this ride.
  • How to play ticket to ride, in 2 minutes?

    The tracks are color-specific,so to play your train cars on a blue route,for example,you must have blue cards in your hand.

  • The board does offer different colored tracks to many of the locations,which is a nice feature.
  • You do not have to travel the most direct route to get to a location.