What is the first Dream Theater album?

What is the first Dream Theater album?

Instrumental II: Your Brain on Our MusicDream Theater / First album

Why was Portnoy fired?

Because I was starting to feel trapped, and they wanted me to commit to a certain date to start the next record, and I just wasn’t ready. And it became a Mexican standoff, really. And I went with my heart and said, ‘Look, I’d rather regret something I have done than something I haven’t.

Where is DTHQ?

More information on all dates, tickets for all upcoming shows, as well as VIP packages can be found here. The Top Of The World Tour of North America kicks off on October 28 in Mesa, AZ and runs through December 14 where it concludes in St. Petersburg, FL.

How did Dream Theater get their name?

Various names were considered (“Glasser” was the band’s official name for about a week), but the honour of being the person that suggested “Dream Theater” goes to Mike Portnoy’s father, Howard Portnoy. He suggested the name based on the (now-demolished) theater in Monterrey, California. The name stuck.

When did Dream Theater release their 12th album?

Singles from Dream Theater. Dream Theater is the twelfth studio album by American progressive metal band Dream Theater, released through Roadrunner Records on September 23, 2013 in Europe and a day later in the United States.

Where was Dream Theater’s a dramatic turn of events recorded?

The album was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered between January and May 2013 at Cove City Sound Studios in Long Island, New York, the same studio as the band’s previous album, A Dramatic Turn of Events (2011). It is the first Dream Theater album to include drummer Mike Mangini in the songwriting process.

Who are the members of Dream Theater?

Dream Theater James LaBrie – lead vocals John Petrucci – guitar, backing vocals, producer Jordan Rudess – keyboards, GeoSynth iPad app, Seaboard John Myung – bass Mike Mangini – drums, percussion

Is Dream Theater’s new album Illumination Theory track-by-track?

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