What is the falling action of slam?

What is the falling action of slam?

Falling Action 2 Slam goes to school and everyone is congratulating him on the big victory over Carver. He presents his video that he made about his neighborhood.

Is Walter D Myers dead?

July 1, 2014Walter Dean Myers / Date of death

At what age did Myers learn to read?

The people I met there, the things I did, have left a permanent impression on me.” When he was four, Myers was taught to read by his foster mother; his foster father sat the boy on his knee and told him what Myers called “endless stories.” The author wrote in Children’s Books and Their Creators, “Somewhere along the …

Who are the main characters in slam by Walter Dean Myers?

Slam! Character Descriptions

  • Greg Harris. This character is a teenager who lives with his parents and younger brother Derek.
  • Benny Reese. This character is known as Ice.
  • Mrs. Harris.
  • Mtisha Clark. This character is a student at Carver and the girlfriend of Greg.
  • Coach Nipper.
  • Ducky.
  • Jimmy Harris.
  • Mr.

What is the resolution of slam?

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What is the climax of slam?

The climax of the story is when Mtisha finds Greg’s lost video camera and he gets it back. His Latimer High School team plays Carver High School which was the school he used to go to.

What is the plot in Slam by Nick Hornby?

“Slam” is a portrait of a prickly and interesting boy who is forced to become, very quickly, a man. Hornby’s narrator, Sam, is 16 and lives for skateboarding.

How old is Walter Dean?

76 years (1937–2014)Walter Dean Myers / Age at death

What is Walter Dean Myers famous for?

Walter Dean Myers. Walter Dean Myers, the award-winning children’s author best known for his many novels that portray the often difficult life experiences of young African-Americans, died on July 1 following a brief illness. He was 76.

Who did Walter Dean Myers marry?

Constance Brendelm. 1973–2014
Joyce Elene Myersm. 1960–1970
Walter Dean Myers/Spouse

Who is the main character in love that dog?

Plot Summary: ​Love That Dog is the humorous, endearing story of second grade boy who discovers a hidden potential and love for poetry. Jack starts out explaining to Mrs. Stretchberry, his teacher that boys do not write poetry, and that he has no desire to do so.

What was Myers first job?

Entered writing contest Myers had been writing since his school days, and had even won awards for his work. He had never thought that his short stories could provide a career for him, but in the 1960s he began to submit his work to magazines.

Is the book Slam by Walter Dean Myers worth reading?

The book Slam! by Walter Dean Myers is an excellent written book.This book is about a high school basketball player, soon known as Slam because of his skill in basketball. This book isn’t just about a student being on the basketball team, but also about his life in his neighborhood.

What happened to Walter Dean Myers?

We recently reported the sad news that famed children’s author Walter Dean Myers passed away last week at the age of 76. He was known for his gritty tales of urban life for teenage boys. We are dedicating this space to him in honor of him and his works with a “10 Facts.”

How did Dean Myers get his middle name?

The author was born Walter Milton Myers, but adopted the middle name “Dean” to honor Florence and Herbert, the parents who raised him after his mother (Mary Meyers) passed and his father, George, sent him to live with Florence (who was his first wife). 7.

What is the book Slam?

Slam! is an unpredictable book, meant for readers who don’t mind a bit of spice to their everyday sweet story. I read Slam! because I had read a previous Walter Dean Myers book, Monster, and loved it.