What is the directorial concept?

What is the directorial concept?

A directorial concept is what an artistic director applies to the production of opera, dance, theater or any live performance. The term is often used in contrast to what is known as a “concept album,” which is an album that uses only one idea or theme throughout.

What is the theme of the play Lysistrata who wrote it?

Lysistrata is a comedy written by Ancient Greek playwright Aristophanes. The central message, or theme, is feminism, which can be seen in Lysistrata’s character. This determined woman comes up with a plan: women will withhold sex until they reach a peace agreement.

Is Lysistrata a tragedy?

Though we (mostly) meet him on the page, he wrote with live theatre and a live (and demanding) audience in mind. This is true of tragedy as well as comedy. But Athenian comedy is in many ways a far more physical medium than tragedy.

When and where was Lysistrata written?

Lysistrata was the third and final of the peace plays written by the great Greek comic playwright Aristophanes (c. 445 – c. 386 BCE). Shown in 411 BCE at the Lenaea festival in Athens, it was written during the final years of the war between Athens and Sparta.

What are the two types of directorial concepts?

there are two directorial concepts, what are they and which is required? core concept and high concept.

How do you write directorial vision?

A good director’s vision statement will contain:

  1. The director’s passion for the film.
  2. The feeling the director wants the audience to feel when they watch the movie.
  3. The style he wants for the film.
  4. The style of the acting, of the editing, the music….

How do you make a directorial vision?

A vision gives a director purpose; it’s the creative element the director brings to the table….How Do I Find A Vision?

  1. Highlight the one word, image, or action that speaks to you in the script.
  2. Find music that represents the story and the main character.
  3. Give each character a colour.

What is Lysistrata’s plan for ending the war?

In attendance at the meeting are women from Athens and other cities, including Sparta. At the meeting, Lysistrata announces her plan: the women should all refuse to have sex with their husbands until their husbands end the war.

Who is Lampito?

Lampito. Lampito is representative of Spartan women. Lampito is a large, well-built woman who American audiences might imagine with a thick Appalachian accent (by Arrowsmith’s translation, Sparta was the Greek equivalent of the stereotypically South). Lampito brings the Spartan women into Lysistrata’s plan.