What is the cost of 1 PENTONIC pen?

What is the cost of 1 PENTONIC pen?

Blue Plastic Linc Pentonic Ball Pen, Rs 6.58 /piece Sachdeva Stationers | ID: 23313573848.

Is PENTONIC a good pen?

These pens write extremely smooth from beginning to end. They do not build up dry ink on the tips or allows too much ink to come out when making hard transitions. Even though they are sold as 0.7 mm, they write very nice an thin. They write more like 0.5 mm.

Which is the best PENTONIC pen?

Here’s a list of 5 best Linc and Pentonic Ballpoint pens to have in your stationery collection in random order.

  • Linc Glycer. Glycer earns its recommendations for its long writing length and super smooth flow for a strain-free writing.
  • Pentonic B-RT.
  • Linc Meeting.
  • Pentonic Ball.
  • Linc Signetta.


Being driven by design, Linc Pentonic VRT comes with an aerodynamic body for a splendid presentation. Its smart grip, superior push start button and advanced retract mechanism further add to its preference. Color. Blue, Black, Red.

Is Linc an Indian company?

Linc Pen & Plastics Limited is an Indian stationery manufacturing company based in Kolkata, India. Linc Pen manufactures and markets various writing products.

What is the height of PENTONIC pen?

Product Specification

Binding Office Product
Feature 10 Black Ball Point Pen, Tip Size 0.7 mm. NOTE: SHIPPING INCLUSIVE MRP. Skip Free Writing Ultra- Low Viscosity Ink, German Inc Technology Sleek Matte Finish Featherlite Feel
Item Dimensions:Height: Content 551
Item Dimensions:Height:Units hundredths-inches

Is PENTONIC good for exam?

Pentonic Ball Currently prized as one of the best ballpoint pens, it comes highly recommended due to its perfect balance between quality and value for money. With a tip size of 0.7 mm, it is known for its easy flow ink technology that is sure to help express your thoughts on paper.

Are Pentonic pens refillable?

PENTONIC is the newest addition into our wide range of mighty weapon. PENTONIC Pen Refill has an 0.7mm ballpoint tip which helps in skip free writing….Pentonic 0.7mm Blue Ball Pen Refill (Pack of 20, Blue)

Color Blue
Model Number Ball Point Refill (Pack of 20, Blue Ink)

Is Pentonic a Indian company?

Linc Pen popular brands are Linc Pens, Uniball, Markline, Klipper, Lemon, Cruiser and Pentonic….Linc Pen & Plastics.

Founded 1976
Founder Soorajmal Jalan
Headquarters Aurora Waterfront, 18th Floor, GN 34/1, GN Block, Sector V, Bidhannagar, Kolkata, West Bengal, India, 700091
Area served India
Key people Deepak Jalan (CEO)

Which is the largest pen company in India?

Luxor is part of the “Luxor Group”. With presence in over 95 countries, Luxor is India’s largest exporter of writing instruments….Luxor (pen company)

Type Private Limited
Founded 1963
Founder Davinder Kumar Jain (“D.K.” Jain)
Headquarters India
Key people Pooja Jain (CEO)

How many Colours are there in PENTONIC pen?

The 10 colours are good. Yet, the ink is very light. Hard to see in white paper, if used on glossy paper, as of some text books, the ink is very hard to see. The different colour pens have different nib size, blue and black pens with 0.5 and all others with 0.7.

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The word pentatonic means “five tones.” Therefore, a pentatonic scale is a five-note musical scale. Technically speaking, any scale with only 5 notes can be called pentatonic. And worldwide, there are many forms of pentatonic scales — from West Africa to Eastern China.

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