What is the choice Based letting scheme?

What is the choice Based letting scheme?

What is Choice based letting (CBL)? CBL is an online system that allows applicants on the housing waiting list to express an interest in homes due for letting. The allocation of the property still continues to be made in accordance with the Council’s Scheme of Letting Priorities.

How do I bid for a council house in Oxford?

To help you decide which properties are suitable for you, click on the links below to:

  1. Search for available homes in the area.
  2. Select and bid on the properties you are interested in.
  3. See feedback on the priority and waiting time of successful applicants.
  4. Request an application form to go on the housing list.

What does Oxford City Council do?

Oxford City Council is the lower-tier local government authority for the city of Oxford in England, providing such services as leisure centres and parking. Social Services, Education and Highways services (amongst others) are provided by Oxfordshire County Council.

How do you get choice based lettings?

Applicants with active applications may now access Choice Based Letting by logging onto >>> https://cbl.fingal.ie <<< using their unique username and password. To access your unique username and password please contact choicebasedletting[email protected] with your housing reference number and phone number.

How long does choice based lettings take?

This procedure comprises of an interview and a Garda Check and Estate Management clearance as well as the provision of updates to your housing file. The estimated time for this process is 5 weeks.

When was choice based lettings introduced?

Introduction. The Communities and Local Government Department introduced the Choice-based Letting (CBL) scheme in 2001 as a pilot programme. The programme was intended to offer ‘choice’ and make more ‘transparent’ the letting procedure to the consumer.

How do I get on the housing list in Oxfordshire?

To apply for social housing you need to join the Housing Register, by visiting the Homechoice website. To join the Housing Register you may have to provide proof of ID and proof of your circumstances. For alternative ways of finding a new home please see our page about finding a home.

Is Oxfordshire a good place to live?

19/08/2019. Oxfordshire is one of the best places to live in the UK. Indeed, South Oxfordshire was, in 2019, crowned the UK’s sixth best place to live for quality of life.

What is Oxfordshire known for?

There’s a great variety of places to visit in Oxfordshire. The capital of the county is Oxford, famed for its dreaming spires, and home to the world-famous University of Oxford, the Ashmolean Museum and Bodleian Libraries.

Who owns Oxford City Council?

Oxford Direct Services Ltd
Oxford City Council has today transformed its direct services operations into a wholly-owned social enterprise called Oxford Direct Services Ltd (ODS).

What is choice based letting Dublin?

CBL is an approach used for the allocation of designated Social Housing Units. It allows housing applicants to express an interest in being considered for the allocation of designated Social Housing Units.

What is a CBL account?

CBL Account means the collateral giver source account that is opened and maintained by CBL for the Eligible Counterparty for the purposes of providing the Triparty Collateral Management Services to the Eligible Counterparty; Sample 1.