What is the best strategy to play chess?

What is the best strategy to play chess?

10 Tips to Become a Chess Champ

  • LEARN THE MOVES. Each chess piece can move only a certain way.
  • OPEN WITH A PAWN. Move the pawn in front of either the king or queen two squares forward.

What are the 3 basic principles of opening?

3 Basic Principles of the Opening Development

  • Bring Your Pieces into Play. Planning the middle game too early and making premature attacks without sufficient preparation is a common mistake of young players.
  • Insure the King.
  • Control the Center.

What chess opening should I learn first?

The French Defense is one of the first strategic openings every chess player should learn. After e5 (now or later), both sides will have pawn chains. One risk of the French Defense is that the c8-bishop can be very hard to develop.

Why do I lose every chess game?

The number one reason why most games are lost is because of hanging pieces. These are generally blunder moves, when a player leaves his pieces unprotected or moves it to a square where they can be captured by enemy pieces with little or no compensation.

How to play chess effectively?

Start your game effectively and place your chess pieces on strong squares right from the start. If you are a beginner first read the basic chess rules and then come back here. Important! Make sure you learn Chess Notation to be able to read and write chess moves. Don’t waste Time!

What are the different types of chess strategies?

Here is a quick overview of the strategies we are covering: Chess Strategy 1: Controlling the Center. Chess Strategy 2: Look for Better Squares. Chess Strategy 3: Take Care of Your Pawn Structure.

What is the underlying principle of chess strategy in the opening?

The underlying principle of chess strategy in the opening phase is control of the board’ s center squares. These are the four squares right in the middle of the chess board (shown here in green): Every chess opening aims to occupy or control these central squares.

How can I improve my strategic vision in chess?

Here’s what we recommend to improve your strategic vision: 1. Improve your piece play. Work through these materials on the basics of piece play, strong placements (outposts), recognizing strong and weak squares, and piece activity. Learning how to coordinate your pieces is the first step toward understanding strategy and planning in chess.