What is the best section of Route 66?

What is the best section of Route 66?

Route 66 crosses eight states and three time zones. Some of its best-preserved sections include the stretch between Springfield, Missouri and Tulsa, Oklahoma; the road west of Seligman, Arizona; and the Oatman Highway through the Black Hills of Arizona.

How do I plan a Route 66 road trip?

Quick 14 Day Route 66 Itinerary Summary & Map

  1. Day 1: Chicago, IL to Springfield, IL.
  2. Day 2: Springfield, IL, to Sullivan, MO.
  3. Day 3: Sullivan, MO to Carthage, MO.
  4. Day 4: Carthage, MO to Tulsa, OK.
  5. Day 5: Tulsa, OK to Clinton, OK.
  6. Day 6: Clinton, OK to Amarillo, TX.
  7. Day 7: Amarillo, TX to Tucumcari, NM.

How long does it take to drive Route 66 without stopping?

The total time on the road to drive Route 66 is 52 hours. That’s 2 full days and 4 hours solid on the road, changing drivers only at gas stations and not stopping for anything on the way. This does not include any stops, rest, sleep, eating, sight seeing or detours.

What is the best time of year to drive Route 66?

The best time to take a Route 66 road trip is from late spring to early summer and in the early fall. The weather is usually temperate and roads are open, as are most Route 66 businesses.

What is the best month to do Route 66?

Does Route 66 go by the Grand Canyon?

While the Grand Canyon isn’t technically on Route 66, it’s worth a detour. The South Rim is the most accessible from the route and has the best viewpoints; although that does make it the most popular with visitors.

Can you drive Route 66 in a week?

So to those asking “Can you do Route 66 in a week?, the answer is yes! you can and have a lot of fun doing it. Having said this, you should consider at least extending the ride to two weeks.

Where does US Route 66 start and end?

Where does Route 66 start and end? Route 66 starts in downtown Chicago and ends at the Santa Monica pier in California. Throughout the journey from Chicago to Santa Monica, you’ll discover sections where the original route diverges, seemingly shooting off in two directions and yet nowhere at once.

How long until Route 66 starts and ends?

It spans 2,400 miles, crosses eight states and three time zones, and enlists you for at least three weeks. The epitome of an American road trip, Route 66 takes you east to west, from Chicago to Santa Monica, Los Angeles, tracing the development of the pioneering country.

Can Route 66 drive in winter?

Winter is definitively not the best time for driving along Route 66: it can, and does, snow at any time along the whole route, of course the chances of encountering snow are higher in the north than in California.

What is Route 66?

Route 66 is the quintessential embodiment of the road and all its greatest promises: freedom and serendipity, kitsch and living history, and a case study of the very particular way Americans have moved and multiplied.

What are the best places to stop along Route 66?

Route 66 road trip planner: The best stops along the way. 1 Chicago, Hinsdale and Joliet, Illinois. The symbolic start of Route 66 is the Buckingham Fountain in Chicago’s Millennium Park, but it’s not really a 2 Pontiac, Illinois. 3 Litchfield, Illinois. 4 Springfield, Missouri. 5 Galena and Riverton, Kansas.

How many miles of Old Route 66 are still in Texas?

OKC is home to many museums, memorials, and motels, in addition to a few stops worth a detour from the main route. The Lone Star State has about 180 miles of old Route 66 road still remaining. It closely parallels Interstate 40, so it’s easy to hop on and off stretches of the Mother Road.

Where to eat on Route 66 in Texas?

Russel’s Route 66 Cafe (1583 Frontage Road) in Glenrio, TX – Eatery serves breakfast and American classic road food like burgers, burritos, catfish, and fried chicken. Located within a modern family-owned travel center and truck stop that also offers a fuel station, antique car museum, small grocery store, and other travel services.