What is the best hostel in the world?

What is the best hostel in the world?

Here are the hostels that, in my opinion, are the best in the world.

  1. Rocking J’s (Puerto Viejo, Costa Rica)
  2. Franceso’s (Ios, Greece)
  3. Kabul (Barcelona, Spain)
  4. Nomads (Queenstown, New Zealand)
  5. The Flying Pig (Amsterdam, The Netherlands)
  6. Base St.
  7. Hostel Mostel (Bulgaria)
  8. Tallinn Backpackers (Tallinn, Estonia)

What country has the best hostels?

Hoscars 2015: ranking best hostels around the world

Continent Rank Country & city
1 Vietnam, Nha Trang
Asia 2 Japan, Tokyo
3 Taiwan, Taipei
1 Portugal, Lisbon

Which college has best hostel life?

Top 5 colleges with Best Hostels in India

  1. NIT Warrangal: It is the only educational institution that has the best and largest single building not only in India but in entire Asia.
  2. IIM Ahmedabad. This top-class special business school is well-known for its dorm accommodation.
  3. BIT Mesra.
  4. MICA, Ahmedabad.
  5. IIT Guwahati.

How do I find the best hostel?

10 Tips On How To Pick A Good Hostel For You

  1. Don’t Always Pick The Cheapest Hostel.
  2. Location, Location, Location.
  3. Find A Hostel With Breakfast.
  4. Late Checkout Is A Must.
  5. Always Stay At A Hostel With Lockers.
  6. Find One With A Bar.
  7. Any Hostel With Organized Activities Is A Great Hostel.
  8. A Knowledgeable And Friendly Staff Is Key.

What is the biggest hostel in the world?

Does anyone know what the largest hostel in the world is? There is a hostel in Copenhagen that apparently has over 1000 beds.

Why are hostels so popular?

Those are the key findings of “The Global Hostel Marketplace 2014-2018” that showed that millennials are driving a rise in hostel travel due to low cost, convenient locations, good value, experience driven accommodations and opportunities to meet other travelers.

Are hostels good for solo travelers?

Hostels typically offer a variety of activities that facilitate meeting other travelers. The best hostels make it easy to land in a city with no plans and still have a worthwhile trip. Many hostels offer daily tours that can help you see the destination’s most significant sites.

How many hostels are there in the world?

There are 15643 Hostels worldwide. 37% are located in Asia, 30% in Europe, 16% in South America, 9% in North America, 5% in Oceania, and 3% in Africa.

What hostel means?

1 : inn. 2 : an inexpensive lodging facility for usually young travelers that typically has dormitory-style sleeping arrangements and sometimes offers meals and planned activities. — called also youth hostel. 3 chiefly British : a supervised institutional residence or shelter (as for homeless people)

Which is the biggest hostel in the world?

Complete List

No. Hostel Chain Name Number Of Beds
#1 a&o Hostels 28500
#2 Zostel 2000
#3 Meininger 14700
#4 St Christopher’s Inns 3700*

Which NIT has best mess food?

Central India’s largest college VNIT has the best mess food. NIT Hogwarts has the best infrastructure and food.