What is the actual size of the Pointless trophy?

What is the actual size of the Pointless trophy?

While it certainly looks majestic in the establishing shots, the elusive trophy itself is never actually shown being presented to the winners. Despite conspiracy theories that the trophy is microscopic or doesn’t exist at all, it actually stands at a reasonable 12cm high, 5.5cm wide and 5.5cm deep.

How much does Alexander Armstrong earn per episode of Pointless?

Pointless Celebrities, the BBC quiz show hosted by Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman, pays stars between £500 and £10,000 each sources say.

What is the biggest jackpot won on Pointless?

The highest ever jackpot won on BBC Pointless was from father and son duo David and Jonathan, who won an impressive amount of money back in 2013. The pair took home a nice £24,750 after successfully answering a question on Maybe, a song by Enrique Iglesias.

Who are the 100 asked in Pointless?

The goal is to find answers to questions that are correct but none of the panel of 100 have mentioned – this known as ‘a Pointless answer’. Endemol, the production company that makes Pointless, told Metro.co.uk: ‘The 100 are a cross-section of adults from around the UK, sourced by an online polling company. ‘

Is Pointless filmed in one day?

The latest batch of 165 daytime and 45 primetime shows was filmed in blocks, four days a week, with four weekday or two celebrity shows each day.

How tall is Richard Osman?

6′ 7″Richard Osman / Height

Has correct answer ever scored 100 on Pointless?

On 3 September 2010, contestants David and Susan received the unenviable honour of being the first contestants in Pointless history to receive 100 points, but not as a result of giving an incorrect answer.

Who is Alexander Armstrong married to?

Hannah Bronwen SnowAlexander Armstrong / Spouse (m. 2003)

How many Pointless shows are filmed in a day?

There is so much work put into filming the show and they often film at least three or four shows a day. If you’ve ever wondered about what happens backstage, here’s 21 things I noticed during my experience of the show.

How much does Richard Osman earn?

The comedian and all round egghead, 50, has been in and around our TV sets for years and has an enviable list of credits all of which have contributed to his impressive fortune. In fact, according to Net Worth Post, Richard Osman is worth a cool $1.9 million which is about £1.3 million in UK money.