What is SRM failover?

What is SRM failover?

It is designed for virtual machines and scalable to manage all applications in a vSphere environment. SRM automates and orchestrates failover and failback, ensuring minimal downtime in a disaster. Built-in non-disruptive testing ensures your recovery time objectives are met.

How does SRM replication work?

SRM leverages VMware vSphere Replication to provide hypervisor-based virtual machine replication. It protects VMs from partial or complete site failures by copying the virtual machines from a primary site to a secondary site, or from multiple sources to a single disaster recovery site.

What is a SRM plan?

vCenter Site recovery manager recovery plan is a automated plan for recovering protected virtual machines to the recovery site. SRM recovery plan includes one or more protection groups. You can include a protection group in more than one recovery plan.

What is failback in VMware?

After Site Recovery Manager performs a recovery, you can perform a failback to restore the original configuration of the protected and recovery sites. After a recovery from site A to site B, the recovered virtual machines are running on site B without protection.

What is Reprotect in SRM?

SRM Reprotect provides the reprotect function which is an automated way to reverse protection. You can perform reprotect on protection groups that contain virtual machines that are configured for both array-based replication and for vSphere Replication.

How is SRM licensed?

Customers can use the SRM evaluation licenses on the SRM evaluation site. After the 60-day evaluation period, and for production use, customers will have to purchase the SRM for Hyperscalers term license.

What is the difference between SRM and vSphere replication?

vSphere Replication license is included in vSphere Enterprise Plus, while SRM is an independent product and is a per VM or per CPU (as part of vCloud Suite Enterprise) license. vSphere Replication protects your VMware Virtual Environment by replicating your VMware environment (site) to a secondary site.

What is SRM in VMware and how IT works?

VMware Site Recovery Manager (SRM) provides policy-based management, minimizes downtime in case of disasters via automated orchestration, and enables nondisruptive testing of your disaster recovery plans.

What does SRM stand for?


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SRM Safety Risk Management (various organizations)
SRM Social Relationship Management (software)
SRM Society for Range Management (professional scientific society & conservation organization for rangeland established in 1948)
SRM Standardized Response Mean

What is the full form of SRM?

SRM Institute of Science and Technology, or Sri Ramaswamy Memorial Institute of Science and Technology, formerly SRM University, is a deemed university located in Chennai, Tamil Nadu, India. So, the full form is Sri Ramaswamy Memorial.

How do you failback in Azure?

Failback works as follows:

  1. To fail back, a VM needs at least one recovery point in order to fail back.
  2. We recommend that you use the Latest recovery point to fail back (this is a crash-consistent point).
  3. During failover from Azure to the on-premises site, Site Recovery shuts down the Azure VMs.