What is softening heat treatment?

What is softening heat treatment?

Soft annealing is a high temperature heat treatment process performed around A1. As the name suggests the aim of the process is to make a material as soft as possible. After soft annealing the material will have a soft and easy to machine structure.

What is the special tempering process to produce bainite explain the step of this heat treatment and give the advantages of this process?

Austempering is a heat treating process for medium-to-high carbon ferrous metals which produces a metallurgical structure called bainite. It is used to increase strength, toughness, and reduce distortion.

What is the product of martempering?

Marquenching/Martempering is a form of heat treatment applied as an interrupted quench of steels typically in a molten salt bath at a temperature right above the martensite start temperature. The purpose is to delay the cooling for a length of time to equalise the temperature throughout the piece.

What do you mean by austempering?

‘Austempering’ is the process of heat treatment where the steel is heated to austenitizing temperature, held there for sufficient period of time to produce homogeneous austenite.

What are the limitations of martempering?

Martempering is a method by which the stresses and strains generated during the quenching of a steel component can be controlled. In Martempering steel is heated to above the critical range to make it all austenite. The drawback of this process is that the large section cannot be heat treated by this process.

What is the difference between annealing and tempering?

Annealing involves heating steel to a specified temperature and then cooling at a very slow and controlled rate, whereas tempering involves heating the metal to a precise temperature below the critical point, and is often done in air, vacuum or inert atmospheres.

What is the difference between tempering and hardening?

Hardening or quenching is the process of increasing the hardness of a metal. Tempering is the process of heating a substance to a temperature below its critical range, holding and then cooling.

Does annealing increase hardness?

The main advantages of annealing are in how the process improves the workability of a material, increasing toughness, reducing hardness and increasing the ductility and machinability of a metal.